Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing the Perfect Beach Vacation

red and white seaplane parked beside a beach boardwalk

The allure of beach vacations is undeniable, and it’s no wonder that travel websites prominently display enticing images of pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and swaying palm trees. Beach vacations hold universal appeal, owing to their versatility in offering a spectrum of activities. Action enthusiasts can immerse themselves in exhilarating experiences like … Read more

Riding the Waves at Iconic Surfing Destinations

a man in between waves riding his surfing board

Embarking on a thrilling journey across the globe’s most captivating surfing destinations, this article invites you to dive into the enchanting world of wave riders. Surfing, a sport, and lifestyle that transcends borders, unites ocean enthusiasts in a quest for the perfect wave. (1) In this exploration of the top surfing sites … Read more

Bodyboarding for Fitness

seventeen people paddling and riding their bodyboards

Bodyboarding is a water-based athletic pursuit wherein the participant rides a specialized bodyboard atop the crest, face, and curl of an advancing wave, which carries them shoreward. This thrilling activity is sometimes colloquially known as “Boogieboarding,” a term stemming from the invention of the “Boogie Board” by Tom Morey in 1971. (1) … Read more

Stand Up Paddleboarding Safety Tips

2 girls and 1 man on a black and white photo

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) has emerged as one of the fastest-growing watersports, drawing enthusiasts to both inflatable and solid paddleboards. SUPing not only promises an enjoyable time on the water but also offers an effective means of achieving fitness. (1) Regular practice can significantly boost your overall fitness levels, particularly by strengthening your … Read more

Choosing the Right Stand Up Paddleboard for Your Needs

twelve colorful paddleboards

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) emerges as a dynamic aquatic activity stemming from surfing, with its contemporary origins deeply intertwined with Hawaii’s vibrant coastal culture. (1) This engaging sport entails participants maintaining an upright stance on buoyant boards, gliding atop the water’s surface while employing a specialized paddle to navigate their way forward. The … Read more

Snorkeling Etiquette and Best Practices

two divers underwater

When we think of a beach vacation, we often picture the sun, sea, and sand. But there’s more to the beach than what’s above the water. Beach resorts aren’t just for sunbathing and swimming – they’re also great places to discover underwater life. Over time, these spots have become popular for diving … Read more

Snorkeling Techniques for Beginners

Snorkeling offers daring explorers the chance to connect intimately with nature, immersing themselves in the mystical marvels of the ocean. It provides a firsthand encounter with the enchanting underwater world. Frequently, snorkeling serves as an initial glimpse into the realm beneath the waves, where individuals cultivate an appreciation for life beneath the … Read more

Is bodyboarding a competitive sport?


Introduction Bodyboarding is a water sport that includes floating on the waves on a tiny, buoyant board. Although it is frequently considered a leisure pastime, it has also grown in popularity as a sport. We will examine the history and development of bodyboarding tournaments, the abilities needed to compete at a high … Read more

At What Water Temperature Is a Wetsuit Is Needed?


Wearing a wetsuit is the best way to stay warm while swimming. A wetsuit regulates your body temperature, which not only keeps you warm but also protects you from hypothermia and other hazards that could occur if you were swimming without one. However, knowing what type of suit or thickness to choose … Read more

Best UV Sunscreen for Boating

Why use sunscreen

Sunscreen is required in this day and age. UV rays are dangerous to everyone, whether they have sensitive skin or not. A good sun protection factor is required to help block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Otherwise, you risk getting sunburned and developing skin cancer. There are many different types of sunscreen … Read more