Tips for Taking Kids Snorkeling

A child snorkeling with other people

Enjoying the beach during the summer with your family often means swimming, making sandcastles, collecting shells, and taking lots of photos. But if you’re looking to diversify, have you ever considered snorkeling? For the non-sporty parents, the idea of this can be intimidating, but snorkeling is actually one of the easiest summer … Read more

Tips for Staying Warm while Bodyboarding

A bodyboarder in the cold water

Bodyboarding is a vigorous sport and a full-body workout. While it’s so fun to do on sunny beaches and palm trees, doing the sport during colder months can be challenging. Bodyboarding in warm summer months can offer better weather, but it only gives ankle-high waves, crowded beaches, and endless flat spells. There’s … Read more

Are There Any Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand-up paddleboarding with the sunset, a man facing the sunset, ocean

Stand-up paddleboarding is a great activity that allows both young and aged with different fitness levels to experience the ocean in many ways. Paddleboarding is a safe, low-impact sport, which is one reason it has grown in mainstream popularity. SUP is a natural technique to improve general health and well-being that does not … Read more

Can a Dog Go Paddleboarding?

a man in blue standing with a dog on a paddleboard, stand-up paddleboarding at the ocean

There are limitless opportunities for your dog to participate in any recreational activities. Dogs can benefit from recreational activities by maintaining their physical and emotional wellness. All of our dogs require some form of regular exercise, and the majority of them will thrive with a little more stimulation. According to a Forbes article, stand-up … Read more

The Origin Story of Stand-Up Paddleboards

varieties of paddle boards in size, colors, and purpose 

Standup paddleboarding or SUP, is a method of self-propulsion on a floating platform using a paddle or pole back thousands of years in several continents. Evidence suggests that stand-up paddling has existed in some form or another for millennia. Ancient civilizations from Africa to South America used boards, canoes, and other watercraft … Read more

Is Bodyboarding Better Than Surfing?

a person bodyboarding

Water sports are a fantastic way to spend the summer holidays. The mesmerizing sea and beaches take all the stress away almost instantly. Among these thrilling water sports are bodyboarding and surfing. You might have seen amazing videos of people chilling under huge waves on their surfboards. As thrilling as it seems … Read more

Can A Non-Swimmer Go Snorkeling?

A man being helped with a life belt while drowning

Whenever you go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, there is a risk of drowning if you are not trained well. Most of the drowning accidents happen during snorkeling because the person has been in the water for a long time and he/she gets exhausted. If one stays in the water doing snorkeling … Read more

The History of Bodyboarding and Boogie Boarding

a person bodyboarding

Water sports are not just full of fun but have amazing health benefits as well. There are several different types of water sports, yet some of them are very similar. For instance, boogie boarding, bodyboarding, and surfing are all related to one another. So, what is the difference between them? We all … Read more

Do We Need Training Before Snorkeling?

A man watching a big sea turtle underwater

The experience of diving in the crystal blue waters of the ocean and watching the amazing sea creatures with your own eyes cannot be described in words. It is a life-changing exhilarating experience that revs up your adrenaline and makes you want to stay underwater for long. Nevertheless, if you have never … Read more

Snorkeling Gear: Buying or Renting?

a person snorkeling

Snorkeling is like swimming through the water while being equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube for breathing known as snorkel, and SwimFin. In calmer waters, you can wear a wet suit. This equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for an extended time with relatively little effort and to … Read more