Choosing a Dry Snorkel for Your Next Snorkeling Trip

Dry snorkel

When you face down and your mouth is under water, the snorkel is a breathing tube that allows you to breathe air from the surface. It is made up of a tube and a mouthpiece. An intriguing fact is that the first snorkel recorded in history was invented in Greece in 400 … Read more

Is It Safe to Buy Used Snorkel Gear?


Snorkeling is one of the most popular ocean sports on the planet, with over 8 million people grabbing a mask and diving in each year in the United States alone. And with good reason. It’s a fantastic way to get in the water and explore vast coral forests, swim with wild marine … Read more

Where to Learn Bodyboarding

Where to Learn Bodyboarding

Most individuals who want to learn how to ride waves will select either surfing or bodyboarding as a starting point. This is due to the fact that surfing is the most popular alternative, whereas bodyboarding is something that many beachgoers have seen or attempted. Bodyboarding is easier than surfing because you don’t … Read more

3 Fitness Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

3 Fitness Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding

Have you ever tried stand up paddleboarding (SUP)? If not, you might want to give it a try! Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to get some exercise, and it comes with some added benefits too. In this article, we’ll go over three fitness benefits that I have noticed from doing … Read more

First Time Kneeboarding Tips

a silhouette of a man kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is a tow and water sport similar to kitesurfing, always available on the boat. Whether you’re a pro like Franky Panno or just starting, the experts have a board for you. This sport is simple to learn, especially if you want to advance into other sports. Beginning tow sports with this … Read more

Finding Beaches That Allow Boogie Boarding

Surfer rides the ocean wave

Bodyboarding is becoming popular among beachgoers all over the world. This super fun aquatic activity can be done wherever surfing is done, though you should watch for all those extra big waves. The best part? You can also do boogie boarding on smaller swells. If you are new to bodyboarding, you should … Read more

Reasons Why People Wear Wetsuits

two men walking out of the sea wearing wetsuits and carrying a surf board

  Divers, swimmers, and surfers who tread in cold water typically wear wetsuits. When you think of a wetsuit, the first thing that comes to mind is probably trying to stay warm while swimming in chilly water. After all, that is why they were created. The average wetsuit is intended to keep … Read more

Beginner Bodyboards for Children

little girls boogie boarding in the ocean waves

It’s almost time for boogie board season! That means it’s time to ditch the indoor gymnastics mats in favor of the extremely fun foam boards designed for summer. Pack your beach bag with all of your beach toys, and don’t forget to bring your kids’ bodyboards because there’s nothing more fun in … Read more

Are There Boogie Board Competitions?

a man bodyboarding on a wave

Boogie boarding is now a worldwide phenomenon. In less than 50 years, or since Tom Morey crafted the world’s first boogie board, the sport has spread across continents and countries. However, you may be puzzled. Is it a bodyboard or a boogie board? Are there any distinctions between the two? How about … Read more

Skills Needed to Take Videos as You Snorkel

a person with an underwater camera snorkeling near a turtle

When you’re on vacation somewhere along the coast and have the incredible chance to explore the ocean’s depths through snorkeling, the visuals will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, how can you showcase these and save some unforgettable moments in a video for later? Knowing how to shoot … Read more