Are There Any Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Stand-up paddleboarding is a great activity that allows both young and aged with different fitness levels to experience the ocean in many ways. Paddleboarding is a safe, low-impact sport, which is one reason it has grown in mainstream popularity. SUP is a natural technique to improve general health and well-being that does not include expensive fitness club memberships, strenuous workouts, or dubious nutritional supplements. Paddling is, of course, a lot of fun! But it may also improve your health and well-being in a variety of ways.

High Intensity, Low Impact

If you are into strength training or an avid fan of high-impact sports, your risk of injury is significantly greater than with stand-up paddling. SUP is a low-impact workout that is yet tremendously effective. SUP allows you to relieve tension in your body while also getting in the most incredible shape of your life. While other types of cardio, such as running, can be harsh on your joints and can cause severe damage over time, SUP is an excellent method to burn calories without stress.

Mental Health Benefits of Stand-Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddleboarding, a woman in blue and man in orange

There is mounting evidence that Stand-Up Paddling, among other water activities, can improve mental health and well-being and have a therapeutic impact on mental health. Water therapy is becoming more popular worldwide, and the United Kingdom is leading the way, lately prescribing SUP lessons to patients suffering from mental illnesses.

Doctor Wallace Nichols researched the effects of water on individuals. He invented the phrase Blue Mind to describe the “mildly contemplative condition we fall into when near, in, on, or underwater.” When you hear, see and think of water, your brain sends impulses that immediately help you feel calmer. Spending time near water is “essential to obtaining enhanced and sustained happiness,” according to research. So, Stand Up. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: paddling equals happiness!

Perfect for Improving Balance

A man in black balancing on the paddleboard, stand-up paddleboarding, ocean

Having a good balance is essential for many things we do every day, such as walking and going up and down the stairs. Balance exercises can help prevent falls, which are common among older persons and stroke patients. Many activities and sports demand an excellent balance. SUP will surely increase your sense of balance as you tried to stay upright while paddling. Paddleboarding is an excellent method to improve your balance while having fun. While the first time out may be a little bumpy if the conditions are noisy, your balance will soon enhance, and you will become more adept at controlling your board in various water situations. Your balance improves because you are strengthening the muscles that stabilize your body.

Excellent for Cardiovascular Health

Physical activity and cardiovascular health are inextricably linked; physically fit people have fewer chances to acquire coronary heart disease (CHD). SUP may not appear to be a sport that would get your heart rate up. Still, if you go quickly enough, a SUP ride may function as a cardio exercise with an aspect of strength training as your core and legs contract to maintain balance and your upper body maneuvers the paddle to propel you ahead. Stand-up paddleboarding allows you to raise and keep your heart rate. So, if you want to enhance your cardiovascular health, get moving and start paddling!

Stress Smasher

A woman wearing blue swimwear, performing yoga, relaxing at the ocean

In an era where stress levels are at an all-time high, it is necessary to discover methods to disconnect, relax, and naturally reduce the stresses of everyday life. As a result, including a form of exercise that helps you feel at peace is an essential component of any fitness routine. The soothing nature of SUP oozes this characteristic completely. Golden Globe winner Edward Norton said, “There’s simply something about flowing water.” Even though he was referring to surfing, paddle boarding provides a similar sensation and experience. Gliding on top of flat tranquil water is indeed a therapeutic experience. An activity such as SUP Yoga is exceptionally calming and stress-relieving. It blends the serenity of the water with the stress-relieving benefits of regular yoga.

Burns Tons of Calories

A group of paddlers wearing yellow, SUP as a sport, a man sweating

SUP is a fantastic method to burn calories and lose weight, and it doesn’t need any costly supplements, diet plans, or gym memberships. A stand-up paddleboarder is an excellent exercise since leisurely recreational paddle burns between 305 and 430 calories every hour spent on the water. When you do anything more strenuous, such as SUP surfing, your calorie furnace increases to approximately 700 calories per hour. Again, this is influenced by how actively you tackle the task. If you paddle slowly, you can still expect to burn between 300 and 450 calories each hour!

Combats Vitamin D Deficiency 

Vitamin D is vital for calcium control and the regulation of phosphorus levels in the blood. These elements are critical for bone health. Paddleboarding is a great way to go outside of the house and enjoy some natural light. Of course, please don’t overdo it with the sun. Although there are certain advantages to soaking up the rays, there’s still a need for a balancing act. Wear adequate sunscreen and cover up any susceptible areas.