Best Places to Bodyboard in California

California has almost perfect weather all year round that’s why it is a bodyboarder’s dream location to play and live. From Venice to Malibu to the other parts of Southern California offers several beach haven especially for bodyboarding. So if you’re a newbie or a professional bodyboarder, there are plenty of places in California where you can explore and hang out. That’s why in this list, we are here to help you choose the next Cali beach that you should visit.

1. Lower Trestles

There are also Upper and Middle Trestles but the Lower Trestles is famous for its heavenly shore breaks. And even if the Lower Trestles has consistent waves and the beach hosts the annual ASP World tour bodyboarding. Be prepared to see some sweet southern waves bringing in the barrels if you plan to visit Lower Trestles.

2. Malibu Lagoon State Beach


Malibu Lagoon State Beach is one of the famous bodyboard spots in Los Angeles County and it is famous for being a big part of the bodyboard culture in Southern California. Although the right bodyboarding waves are available all year round, the perfect bodyboarding waves are the quintessential summer waves. Malibu Lagoon State Beach offers different kinds of waves that will rock any bodyboarder’s world.

3. The Wedge: Newport Beach California


The Wedge is the famous Newport beach break, it is a manmade break that drags up on a South swell. And the beach offers waves that have an energy that makes bodyboarding such a thrill. And these waves will probably give you the most fun you’ll ever have in the ocean.

4. Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is located at 30000 Pacific Coast Highway just north of Malibu. It offers beginner and intermediate bodyboarders different waves to choose from. The best time to visit Zuma beach is during summer but it does not mean that they aren’t any nice waves all year round. If you’re planning to visit this beach, make sure you are wearing a wetsuit because the water here tends to be a bit colder.

5. Lunada Bay

Lunada Bay is located at Palos Verdes Estates in California and rumors had it that this beach is the best bodyboard spot in all of Los Angeles. According to folklore, the locals in Lunada Bay are the kind of people that will commit criminal acts to prevent you from bodyboarding the waves. Most publications suggest that you better have insurance before going to Lunada Bay.

6. Huntington Beach

Also called Bodyboard City USA, Huntington Beach is considered as the ultimate bodyboard spot by most bodyboarders. Huntington beach gained its reputation by hosting the Annual World Bodyboarding Championships because it has perfect waves all year round. From three-feet waves to twelve-feet waves, Huntington beach can guarantee you that you will witness and experience ridable waves.

7. Topanga Beach

Topanga Beach is located at Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and this beach offers a little something for everyone. If you like waves breaking on beds of sands or if you like your terrain a little bit rocky, Topanga beach has both of them. Even if this beach is not as crowded compared to other Los Angeles Beaches, it still has several amenities like bodyboarding lessons, shops, restaurants, and bathrooms.

8. Venice Beach

Venice beach is one of the popular beaches in California. It offers everything you’ve ever hope for in a Los Angeles beach experience. It has an electric boardwalk, rollerblading rink, volleyball, and biking. And the Venice beach is adjacent to Santa Monica.

9. Blacks Beach

Blacks beach offers one of the most powerful bodyboard breaks in Southern California because of its underwater canyon which allows the waves to grow in size and power. But be warned because Blacks beach is known to be a dangerous bodyboarding location and they should only be explored by experienced bodyboarders. It is also popular as one of California’s largest nude beach so don’t be surprised if you will see a lot of people enjoying the sun in the nude.

10. El Porto

El Porto Beach is the perfect beach for all bodyboarders with different skill levels because it has consistent waves and easy access. There are bodyboard training available along the beach which offers lessons for individuals or groups who wants to learn how to bodyboard and they also offer stand up paddleboard lessons. There is also a shop where you can buy different bodyboarding needs from wetsuits, boards, and wax.

We hope this list helped you in choosing the next perfect bodyboarding destination if you go down south. Pack those bags and prepare that bodyboard board because California has a lot in store for you.