Finding Beaches That Allow Boogie Boarding

Bodyboarding is becoming popular among beachgoers all over the world. This super fun aquatic activity can be done wherever surfing is done, though you should watch for all those extra big waves. The best part? You can also do boogie boarding on smaller swells.

If you are new to bodyboarding, you should begin by selecting a beach break or a sandy beach. This type of surf spot is safer to ride and offers easy access to the ocean waves, whether paddling out or exiting the water.

The ideal conditions may differ depending on your expertise. Nonetheless, before venturing into the waves, you must always read the ocean.

If you’re always looking for the “best beach for boogie boarding near me,” this article is for you.  Here are the beaches where you can go bodyboarding.

Oahu, Hawaii

This popular vacation spot is also extremely popular for bodyboarding and bodysurfing. It’s a beach with a can’t-miss view that caters to bodyboarders by providing quality waves.

The beach has been designated as ideal for both novice and experienced boogie boarders so that any bodyboarder can explore these waters with the help of bodyboards. However, beginners should exercise caution in high surf because they may struggle to stay above the water.

Cape Cod Island, Massachusetts

While Massachusetts cannot compete with Australia or Hawaii in wave height, it has significant wave height. Bodyboarding is a more recreational sport in Massachusetts than surfing, and it is less organized and competitive. We recommend Nauset Beach in Orleans if you’re looking for a great swell on the Cape.

Eastham’s Coastguard or Nauset Light Beaches are also excellent. They’re most likely the best for bodyboarding. Take a quick stroll to the Three Sisters of Nauset lighthouses, a historically significant site, if you visit the sandy and large Nauset Light beach.

Newport Beach, California

surfers bodysurfing in The Wedge in Newport Beach

This beach is among the best bodyboard spots in California. When the lifeguards raise the “no surfing” flags at Newport Beach, grab your boogie boards or bodyboards and hit the water. Boogie boarders have an advantage here since they can ride the waves all day, even if the beach is closed to surfing.

Fins will undoubtedly encourage the kids to catch more waves. They won’t require any boogie boarding ones. Standard snorkeling fins will do their job, but they will flex significantly more in the waves.

Whatever fins you choose, make sure to attach fin leashes to them. If the kids get tossed around in the surf, their fins may come off, and they will be lost if leashes are not used.

South and North Shore, Massachusetts

Finding the nearest surf shop is an easy way to find the best bodyboarding beaches. There are several great places to make landfall along the state’s coastline.

Popular South Shore options include Rexhame Beach in Marshfield and Humarock Beach in Scituate. The Nor’easter Surf Shop in North Scituate sells shortboards, leashes, wetsuits, and other water sports equipment.

Devereaux Beach in Marblehead, Massachusetts, is known for its rocky waves and is located north of Boston. Revere Beach in Revere, Massachusetts, is USA’s first public beach, having opened in 1896. The Brickhouse in Gloucester and Marblehead caters to surfers and provides an online surf report.

Montauk, New York

Montauk Harbor entrance

Montauk has been dubbed “Long Island’s best surf spot.” Some surfers have even gone to call it the best surf and bodyboarding spot on the East Coast. You should go if you’re a New Yorker and haven’t already visited this location.

This beach, especially Ditch Plains, is not for newbies due to its choppy waves and consistent breaks. The waves can be challenging to navigate, but they’re well worth the hassle if you know how to ride a bodyboard.

Remember that this is a popular surf spot, particularly in the summer, so the same courtesy that surfers extend to one another will almost certainly be extended to bodyboarders. There’s no reason you might not be able to handle Ditch Plains if you’ve demonstrated talent and experience with a boogie board and promise to abide by surfing etiquette rules. Just keep an eye out for rocks at the bottom!

Flagler Beach, Florida

Flagler Beach in Florida is an ideal site for some great bodyboarding away from the crowds. Because this is a popular surf spot, the waters may be quite crowded with surfers.

To avoid crowded waves, walk a few blocks down the street. This is especially important for beginners, as learning in a larger space is typically easier. Check out this beach if you want to catch some beautiful, pristine waves without dealing with large crowds.

South Padre Island, Texas

a person taking an early morning walk on the Gulf side of the island

While these beaches are popular, they are not overly crowded. Aside from a brief surge of college students throughout their breaks, the area is relatively calm. The beaches are so far down that everything is fairly spread out, making it an ideal spot for some boogie boarding.

These beaches, such as those near the South Padre Island Jetties, have great waves big enough to bodyboard while remaining fairly steady and gentle. These majestic waves have also been known to throw in a few barrels now and then; not every boogie boarder can say they’ve been pulled through a barrel.

South Padre Island is a lovely, relaxing place with plenty of beach land to discover if you have the time. Choose a location and enjoy some great waves!

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach has been lauded as among the best places in South Carolina to surf. An experienced bodyboarder can have a lot of fun with the awesome waves and groundswells.

Because this area is so famous for surfing, there are cameras set up so surfers can inspect the waves before they go out. This is extremely useful for boogie boarders who prefer milder waves than extreme surfers.

This location is popular, beautiful, and full of glassy water with three-foot waves. It’s ideal for a skilled bodyboarder. But be cautioned: things can get a little rough during hurricane season.

Small Point, Maine

Surprisingly, Maine has several popular surf spots that are open all year. The surprise factor becomes active when you notice that the water never gets that hot, even during the summer. This could be a good thing because swimmers dislike cold water.

The only competition a boogie boarder will face is from other surfers, and most surfers are aware of surfing etiquette. This beach is ideal for catching some great waves—some of Maine’s heavier waves.