The Best Places to Snorkel in Florida

The state of Florida is known worldwide for its ever-sunshine beaches. The cool breeze and the hot sun create an atmosphere that attracts the tourists towards this beautiful place. With widespread sea fronts, Florida offers the visitors with all the water activities that anyone can think of. But one activity, in particular, has become a signature of this state.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about snorkeling. It is a sport to observe the beauty of sea life through your own eyes. That, too, in their natural habitat. Unlike watching them swim around through a glass, like inside an aquarium, in this sport, you get the chance to swim alongside them. And sometimes, you can even touch them. It may seem dangerous in theory, but in reality, it is a truly remarkable experience.

While we all understand the appeal, choosing the right beach for snorkeling can become a frustrating task. This is especially when there is a multitude of options available in the bright sunny state of Florida. Well, we have simplified the choice for you. There are several spots in Florida, out of which the following are some of the best ones:

1. Destin

Destin, Florida

Destin is a popular snorkeling and picnic spot situated on the Emerald Coast of Florida. It is known for its great nature and the welcoming weather. Other than that, it is particularly famous for its crystal-clear water and white sand.

Almost everywhere on this coast, you will find multiple eye-catching spots, each better than the other. But, the fact that in Destin you can snorkel both offshore and onshore, your chances to experience a remarkable expedition increase ten folds.

From Norriego Point to Destin Jetties, this place is, all in all, an excellent spot for a snorkeling enthusiast. While you get the chance to watch jaw-dropping sea life, you also get to appreciate some human-made reefs that are just as good as the real ones. If you’re new at snorkeling, you can arrange for a tour guide who will make sure that you make the best out of your trip.

2. Phil Foster Park and Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach

Welcome to Riviera Beach Florida Sign

If you are someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with a boat and its hassle, then this spot may be the right one for you. Riviera Beach offers many wonderful places, out of which, Phil Foster Park and Blue Heron Bridge stand out the most.

If you want a full-fledge, boat-free, saltwater snorkeling experience, then consider going to Phil Foster. It is located on the south-east coast, offering a remarkable opportunity for visitors to spend the best time of their lives.

On the other hand, if you are adventurous, maybe you will prefer the Blue Heron Bridge as your pick. You might have to arrange a tour guide for a smooth experience, but regardless of that, you are bound to have an amazing time.

3. Dry Tortugas Islands

Dry Tortugas

If you possess a thrill-loving personality and are up for any challenges for the sake of fun, then this spot will satisfy your craving for it. Not because it is dangerous or life-threatening in any way, but because it takes courage to reach the islands of Dry Tortugas in the first place.

You must be wondering why, well, because this place is only accessible if you manage to get a seaplane or a boat. While this can scare away some visitors, those who did make the most of the opportunity report that the experience was worth the extra efforts. Because of the small number of visitors, the water, and the environment, in general, are pretty clean there.

It is home to one of the best snorkeling spots in the world, Garden Key. Here, not only do you get the chance to appreciate sea life, but also you can have a great time camping in the vicinity of the park. In fact, some people pay a visit here just to relax in a pollution-free atmosphere.

4. Venice Beach

Divers hunting shark teeth at Venice

For the paleontology aspirants, this place is truly a gem. It boasts a huge collection of rare fossils, including shark teeth. In the world of snorkeling, this spot has a cult following. All three of its beaches are popular for their welcoming atmosphere and calm seas.

Here, you will find reefs just a mile offshore. If you are new in this field and would like to take this journey at a slower pace, then you should initiate your snorkeling experience with this place.

You will find a variety of sea creatures amongst the choppy waves of Venice Beach. While crabs and starfish are common ones, there is a fine possibility that you come across dolphins. Other than that, depending on the weather condition, the experience can vary from person to person, each being unique in its way.

5. Coral Cove Park, Jupiter

Coral Cove Park beach with natural limestone

Coral Cove Park is known for its unique limestone formations. With formations spread over the sea bed, this place is truly one of a kind.

Due to the corals, it attracts a huge variety of beautiful sea life that you can closely observe and appreciate on your snorkeling expedition. It is better to plan and book a trip beforehand; otherwise, you might miss out on the opportunity as there are a lot of us who want to visit this fascinating spot.

Sometimes, the water can get a little murky, which makes it hard to navigate and see the actual fishes. But, if you visit during the optimum time before rains, you are bound to have a wonderful experience.

6. Silver Glen Springs, Ocala National Forest

Silver Glen Springs in Ocala National Forest

Situated in the heart of Ocala National Forest, Silver Glen Springs is a spectacular spot for snorkeling. It has a wide collection of sea species living amongst its crystal-clear water. According to the visitors, the place is worth your time and attention. And, though all the sea creatures there are pretty, snorkelers show the most interest in the unique variety of sea turtles and striped bass.

This place is located just between Ocala and Daytona Beach and hosts the visitors of both places in a uniform fashion. It has a varying depth that can range up to 25 feet. While it is shallow for some, it proves to be perfect for beginners.

If you are looking for a snorkeling spot that you can visit all year round, that too, without worrying about the water conditions, then this place will definitely work for you.

The Bottom Line

The state of Florida is known for its sunny weather and sparkling beaches. Due to its amazing coastline, Florida is the home for several beaches, each offering unique qualities. From planning picnics to arranging water sport activities, these places are good for all. But snorkeling, in particular, has always been the benchmark for Florida’s tourism.

There are dozens of spots that are ideal for this sport, but the ones mentioned above are some of the best. Not only do these offer great views and environment, but they also hold amazing reviews from routine visitors.

If you are looking for a place to visit for snorkeling, or are confused about choosing a spot that fulfills your requirement, then you should have a look at the discussed list. Select what you like best and suits your style. After all, it is your trip and your snorkeling experience.