First Time Snorkeling Tips

First Time Snorkeling Tips

Most people are excited and nervous at the same time when it’s their first time to try snorkeling. If it’s your first time to go snorkeling, how do you think would it be like? Do you think you’ll love it and would like to try it again?

There are some who experienced bad first time snorkeling because they lack the knowledge about the basic skills and safety. Some snorkel tour companies might tell you that snorkeling is very easy and all you need to do is put on your gear, jump in, and have a great time. But does not how it should be if it’s your first time to go snorkeling.

It’s true that snorkeling is a fun and easy sport, but there are some basic skills and knowledge you have to learn to avoid the dangers of the ocean. Some of the common poor things that first time snorkelers experience is fear, injury, leaking face mask, water flooding the snorkel tube, and exhaustion. If you do not want to experience those things, here are some tips which might help you enjoy in your first time snorkeling activity

Buy Good Quality Equipment

It’s better to have your own snorkeling equipment because you will feel more comfortable using it compared to those you can rent.


When choosing a snorkel mask, make sure that it fits you well to avoid water leakage. It’s also great if you can find a mask with an anti-fogging feature because a foggy mask will give you a difficult time seeing underwater.


Choose a dry snorkel or one that has a splash guard as these are best for first-time snorkelers. This will help avoid water to flood your snorkel tube. A dry snorkel has a valve on top that closes once your snorkel is immersed underwater. It also has a purge valve at the bottom of the snorkel that will help you blow water out of the tube.


Just like the mask, make sure that the fins also fit you well so that it will not hurt your feet or fall off. Some go snorkeling without wearing fins, but they are essential for safety so it’s better to wear them. Plus, they will also give you swimming forces which will save your energy.

Practice with Your Gear First

Once you’ve completed your snorkeling gear, try to practice using them. Practice putting on your mask and adjust it so it will fit lightly snug. You can also try the snorkel to find the best position. Practice putting your fins on and off as well. This way, you already know what to do once you take your dip in the sea.

It’s also a great idea to practice with your snorkeling gear in a swimming pool. It is an ideal place because the water there is confined and controlled. Try if your mask will not leak, and practice breathing as well. Find a position using your snorkel where it will not be flooded with water. Once you’re comfortable with your mask and snorkel, try swimming around while wearing your fins. Keep your legs straight and use calm, controlled kicks to gently move through the water.

Be Comfortable in the Water

When snorkeling, it’s important to stay relaxed and calm. Swim at a speed that will allow you to breathe easily through your snorkel. Keep your activity level at a pace because your snorkel limits your breath. Do not feel pressured to go beyond what you’re comfortable doing. If you do not feel like going to deeper water, then there’s nothing wrong with staying around the shallow part.

Choose Your First Location

Try to research first before deciding where to go for snorkeling. If you know some people who like to snorkel, you can ask them for suggestions. Choose a place where the ocean is calm because this will boost your confidence. It’s better to go snorkeling from the beach rather than from a boat because jumping from a boat is also challenging. Also, try to choose a beach that has lots of marine life for you to enjoy your first time. A spot that is protected from big waves is good too.

Once you master some skills in snorkeling, you’ll be able to explore more adventurous spots and places.

Be Aware of the Ocean Condition

It’s very important to take note of the ocean’s condition before snorkeling. Before jumping in the water, keep an eye first on your entry point and potential safe exit points. Also, never snorkel alone and make sure that someone knows you’re in the ocean snorkeling.

Take Care of Yourself

When doing beach activities, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun. Remember to cover up and apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn. It’s better to wear rash guards and skin suits when snorkeling because they are lightweight, stretchy, and quick drying.

Have Fun!

Of course, you’re there to explore and enjoy the beauty of the underwater. While keeping yourself safe by following the tips we shared, also remember to have fun. We hope these tips will help you stay safe and have a great first time snorkeling experience.