Bodyboarding for Fitness

seventeen people paddling and riding their bodyboards

Bodyboarding is a water-based athletic pursuit wherein the participant rides a specialized bodyboard atop the crest, face, and curl of an advancing wave, which carries them shoreward. This thrilling activity is sometimes colloquially known as “Boogieboarding,” a term stemming from the invention of the “Boogie Board” by Tom Morey in 1971. (1) … Read more

Is bodyboarding a competitive sport?


Introduction Bodyboarding is a water sport that includes floating on the waves on a tiny, buoyant board. Although it is frequently considered a leisure pastime, it has also grown in popularity as a sport. We will examine the history and development of bodyboarding tournaments, the abilities needed to compete at a high … Read more

Where to Learn Bodyboarding

Where to Learn Bodyboarding

Most individuals who want to learn how to ride waves will select either surfing or bodyboarding as a starting point. This is due to the fact that surfing is the most popular alternative, whereas bodyboarding is something that many beachgoers have seen or attempted. Bodyboarding is easier than surfing because you don’t … Read more

Finding Beaches That Allow Boogie Boarding

Surfer rides the ocean wave

Bodyboarding is becoming popular among beachgoers all over the world. This super fun aquatic activity can be done wherever surfing is done, though you should watch for all those extra big waves. The best part? You can also do boogie boarding on smaller swells. If you are new to bodyboarding, you should … Read more

Beginner Bodyboards for Children

little girls boogie boarding in the ocean waves

It’s almost time for boogie board season! That means it’s time to ditch the indoor gymnastics mats in favor of the extremely fun foam boards designed for summer. Pack your beach bag with all of your beach toys, and don’t forget to bring your kids’ bodyboards because there’s nothing more fun in … Read more

Are There Boogie Board Competitions?

a man bodyboarding on a wave

Boogie boarding is now a worldwide phenomenon. In less than 50 years, or since Tom Morey crafted the world’s first boogie board, the sport has spread across continents and countries. However, you may be puzzled. Is it a bodyboard or a boogie board? Are there any distinctions between the two? How about … Read more

Choosing the Right Bodyboard Size for Adults

a person bodyboarding a wave

If you’re looking to get into bodyboarding or consider replacing your current board, you’ve reached the right place! Choosing the right board size is critical if you are serious about improving in the sport or merely want to have the most fun when riding the crest of a wave. Each board offers … Read more

Tips for Staying Warm while Bodyboarding

A bodyboarder in the cold water

Bodyboarding is a vigorous sport and a full-body workout. While it’s so fun to do on sunny beaches and palm trees, doing the sport during colder months can be challenging. Bodyboarding in warm summer months can offer better weather, but it only gives ankle-high waves, crowded beaches, and endless flat spells. There’s … Read more

Is Bodyboarding Better Than Surfing?

a person bodyboarding

Water sports are a fantastic way to spend the summer holidays. The mesmerizing sea and beaches take all the stress away almost instantly. Among these thrilling water sports are bodyboarding and surfing. You might have seen amazing videos of people chilling under huge waves on their surfboards. As thrilling as it seems … Read more

The History of Bodyboarding and Boogie Boarding

a person bodyboarding

Water sports are not just full of fun but have amazing health benefits as well. There are several different types of water sports, yet some of them are very similar. For instance, boogie boarding, bodyboarding, and surfing are all related to one another. So, what is the difference between them? We all … Read more