What are the Best Sunglasses for Paddle boarding?

Paddle surfing is a watersport done not only standing but also sitting, which is common in Hawaii. If you haven’t surfed yet and are planning to so, then you must! It’s one of the most thrilling watersports, just like surfing. But everything can get pretty bad quickly if you aren’t using high-quality sunglasses or goggles for paddleboarding.

To help you get the best one, we have put together this guide. So, without any further ado, let’s paddleboard into it!

Buying Guide

There are a lot of sunglasses designed for paddleboarding, with hydrophobic lenses that repel water. These sunglasses also protect your eyes from UVA and UVB radiations, which are harmful to your eyes and can cause different eye problems. When buying sunglasses for paddle surfing, you should check for the following qualities:

  • Make sure they’re lightweight and will float on water if accidentally dropped.
  • Make sure they can help you see clearly while also blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Make sure the glasses are durable and will not break easily.
  • Go for the ones that are polarized and will block the harmful rays of the sun.

Our Top Picks

1. Pro-Red Jetski Vented Sunglasses

These sunglasses are one of the best ones out there that you should consider for paddleboard surfing. They feature protection against falling with a goggle strap. They are made of shatter-resistant lenses with REVO coating, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily.

They also protect from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, which is harmful to your eyes.This way, you can surf for as long as you want without worrying about damaging your eyes.

2. Classic Sports Floating Sunglasses by Sea Specs

SeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Sunglasses With Strap for Extreme SportsSeaSpecs made this classic floating polarized sunglasses for fans of extreme sports. They are in a plastic frame having polarized lenses, with unique chemicals that block and filter light that passes through the lenses. The glasses also have straps that are adjustable and non-removable, which are proven to be very comfortable.

3. Oakley Split Shots Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular SunglassesOakley Split Shot Sunglasses are one of the best options you can buy for paddleboarding, as it provides 100% protection from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Like most of the glasses, the frames and lens provide polarized protection.

Moreover, these sunglasses by Oakley have tips made for the arms so you can attach a strap and pull the sunglasses up to your head to secure it. These straps are helpful as they help lock the goggles and place them nicely on your face, so you don’t lose them while surfing or paddleboarding.

4. Smith Transfer Chroma Pop Polarized Sunglasses

Smith Transfer Chromapop Polarized SunglassesThese Transfer ChromaPop sunglasses by Smith Store are quick to fit and adjust. They always fit comfortably. There are two different transfer goggle lenses to choose from;ChromoPop lens and Techlite polarized lens. They both work well when it comes to filtering sunlight.

The ChromaPop lens resists oil and water, while the Techlite polarized lenses are better than the other lenses resisting the scratches on the lens and are lighter than the normal ones.

5. Fantail Sunglasses by Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar Fantail SunglassesThe Costa Del Mar’s Fantail sunglasses provide heavy-duty frames made of nylon, which help resist damage. They also have scratch-resistant lenses and a ventilation system so that the air can flow through it, preventing you from losing the glasses from the gust of wind.

Moreover, these sunglasses are great for everyday use for activities on land and water, such as paddleboarding. If you think they don’t work best for you or have any defects, you can easily return them to Costa so they can repair or change it.

6. Ray-ban Rb4179 Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Men's Rb4179 Liteforce Square SunglassesWe all know about Ray-ban when it comes to sunglasses, but now they also make sunglasses for paddleboarding. The Ray-ban Rb4179 sunglasses are one of them. These are very lightweight, comfortable, and durable to wear, and you can wear them for a long time.

They are made from a thermoplastic semi-crystalline, claimed to have been used in aerospace and automotive impact technology by Ray-ban. The lenses are coated with oleophobic material, preventing water, dust, and other similar things from gathering up.

7. Vintage LL H2O Sunglasses by Dragon

Dragon Count SunglassesThe Dragon Vantage LL H2O sunglasses offer a frame that is made and designed for all types of sports activities, such as skiingand paddleboarding. The coating of the lens repels water and dust while protecting the goggles from the damage and blurriness, keeping the view clear for you.

Moreover, these sunglasses come in two variants: H2O floatable Premium Performance Polar Lenses. One thing to keep in mind before opting for these sunglasses is that these are not polarized.

8. Cressi Ninja Floating Sunglasses

Cressi Ninja Floating, Adult Sport Buoyant Sunglasses, Polarized Lenses, Protective CaseCressi Ninja Floating sunglasses are designed for paddleboarding and have special features, including shatterproof lenses that filter light. They also protect from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and are specially made for protection from ultraviolet radiation on the water.

The solar filters of the glasses offer 100% protection from ultraviolet radiation and block the reflected light.They make your vision clear, sharp and focused. The lenses are coated with water repellent hydrophobic coating, which keeps the lens clean, making the sunglasses perfect for paddleboarding.

9. Surf Shade Original Non-Polarized

Surf Shades Original Non-Polarized Water Sport SunglassesSurf Shade Sunglasses might look like your average sunglasses, but they’re not. Once you put them on, you are ready for the action because these sunglasses are, firstly unisex, and are also used for playing games on the land and water. They also protect from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, along with having a coat of hydrophobic materials and shatterproof technology.

The frame wraps itself nicely to protect from the harmful rays of the sun and other objects. The head strap fits the glasses on your face perfectly in such a way that you won’t lose them. Although fogging can be an issue in the cold water, it can be resolved by positioning the sunglasses a little lower on the nose, which allows air to flow through.

10. Rheos Sapelos Polarized Floating Sunglasses

Rheos Sapelos Floating Polarized SunglassesRheossunglasses have many high-quality features, such as polarized Nylon Optic lenses. They have many different colors of glasses and frames to choose from, and by buying these glasses, you are not only thinking about protection but also style.

The Nylon Optic lenses are very durable and clear, as they have been tested in the lab for clarity, and the test confirmed that they were clearer than glass. The quality of the glasses is good, and they are very lightweight – so much that you won’t even feel them on.

11. Unsinkable Polarized Nomad Floating Sunglasses

Unsinkable Polarized Unisex Nomad floating polarized sunglassesThese sunglasses by Reflekt Polarized are like the previous ones, also having polarized lenses with a variety of frames for floating. They are lightweight as compared to other sunglasses. They feel more comfortable on your face than other glasses, and they will never sink if you ever fall while paddleboarding.

They also have hydro grip nose pads, meansthey will fit anybody who wears them no matter how their face structure is. They can put it on with ease, and the frame will tighten itself and won’t leave any marks. They also come in different colors andsizes, from small to medium.

On top of everything, these sunglasses are backed by an interesting warranty that says if you lose them, you will get another pair for free.

12. Ace – Seafoam Mirror

seafoam mirror

You can find this product at Humps. A nod to the military pilots and to Tom Cruise who made this type of sunglasses famous, aviators will always be in style. They provide that timeless yet elegant look, so that you will always look composed no matter what time of day, no matter what the occasion.

Humps incorporated the always stylish frame with polarized and UV-resistant lenses to ensure that your eyes are well-protected, covering three times the size of your eye so that most of the direct light.


Paddleboarding is an exciting and thrilling watersport. You need to have a high-quality paddleboard, swimsuit on, and a pair of polarized sunglasses that floats if it falls in the water accidentally. We have mentioned the recommended sunglasses to choose from, so next time, harmful UV rays don’t hurt your eyes when you are enjoying this fun sport.