Snorkeling Etiquette and Best Practices

two divers underwater

When we think of a beach vacation, we often picture the sun, sea, and sand. But there’s more to the beach than what’s above the water. Beach resorts aren’t just for sunbathing and swimming – they’re also great places to discover underwater life. Over time, these spots have become popular for diving … Read more

Snorkeling Techniques for Beginners

Snorkeling offers daring explorers the chance to connect intimately with nature, immersing themselves in the mystical marvels of the ocean. It provides a firsthand encounter with the enchanting underwater world. Frequently, snorkeling serves as an initial glimpse into the realm beneath the waves, where individuals cultivate an appreciation for life beneath the … Read more

Choosing a Dry Snorkel for Your Next Snorkeling Trip

Dry snorkel

When you face down and your mouth is under water, the snorkel is a breathing tube that allows you to breathe air from the surface. It is made up of a tube and a mouthpiece. An intriguing fact is that the first snorkel recorded in history was invented in Greece in 400 … Read more

Is It Safe to Buy Used Snorkel Gear?


Snorkeling is one of the most popular ocean sports on the planet, with over 8 million people grabbing a mask and diving in each year in the United States alone. And with good reason. It’s a fantastic way to get in the water and explore vast coral forests, swim with wild marine … Read more

Skills Needed to Take Videos as You Snorkel

a person with an underwater camera snorkeling near a turtle

When you’re on vacation somewhere along the coast and have the incredible chance to explore the ocean’s depths through snorkeling, the visuals will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, how can you showcase these and save some unforgettable moments in a video for later? Knowing how to shoot … Read more

Snorkeling From Texas to Florida Along the Gulf Coast

a person snorkeling surrounded by fish and corals

Snorkeling along the Gulf Coast is a popular activity during the hot summer months. The clear coastal waters beckon whether you’re on a romantic getaway with a special someone in your life or on a beach vacation with your entire family. Enjoy a trip to these snorkeling spots in the United States, … Read more

Well-known East Coast Snorkeling Locations

a woman snorkeling near corals

Nothing beats snorkeling as an introduction to the amazing underwater ecosystem. The freedom and joy of incredible up-close encounters with fish, rays, and turtles can be an exciting experience. Take deep breaths and dive underneath the surface, and you’ll be swallowed up by an entirely different atmosphere. Colorful fish, stingrays, colonies of … Read more

Tips for Taking Kids Snorkeling

A child snorkeling with other people

Enjoying the beach during the summer with your family often means swimming, making sandcastles, collecting shells, and taking lots of photos. But if you’re looking to diversify, have you ever considered snorkeling? For the non-sporty parents, the idea of this can be intimidating, but snorkeling is actually one of the easiest summer … Read more

Tips for Staying Warm While Snorkeling

A man snorkeling in cold, deep waters

While snorkeling  can be an enjoyable way to see the aquatic world with your own eyes, one problem that you may encounter is the cold. This may not be a problem if you’re snorkeling in tropical waters in a sunny season, but if you’re snorkeling in cold places like Iceland, you may have … Read more

Can A Non-Swimmer Go Snorkeling?

A man being helped with a life belt while drowning

Whenever you go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, there is a risk of drowning if you are not trained well. Most of the drowning accidents happen during snorkeling because the person has been in the water for a long time and he/she gets exhausted. If one stays in the water doing snorkeling … Read more