Great Places to Snorkel in the United States

The land of the United States is home to many amazing places. From natural spots to human-made towers, this country is through and through a fantastic place to visit. But while the life of the city has its attractions, the shiny beaches that this place offers are truly remarkable. Here, not only do you get the chance to admire nature, but you also get the liberty to swim alongside rare sea animals in the form of snorkeling.

But from dozens of spectacular places, choosing the right one for your snorkeling expedites is quite tricky. Hence, we have simplified this process for you. Following are some of the best snorkeling spots available in the United States:

1. Cinnamon Bay, Virgin Islands

The Beach at Cinnamon Bay

When it comes to snorkeling in the US, Cinnamon Bay definitely outshines every other spot. Due to its shallow waters, it attracts water sports enthusiasts of all ages. On top of that, you do not even require a boat to reach there as it is an easy journey.

Also, there are no reefs in the water that can otherwise disturb you. And, while one may think that absence of reefs will result in the absence of sea life too, on the contrary, there are a bunch of several kinds of fishes that you can admire in the vicinity of this place. The reason behind being that even though water is free of corals, there are still plenty of them in the surroundings. This results in a crystal-clear water experience along with a great view of unique sea creatures.

You can either spend a day or book a night camp to enjoy a blissful evening in one of the most beautiful places in America.

2. Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

Beach access, Bahia Honda State Park

Anyone who likes to enjoy snorkeling and other water sports must know about this fantastic spot situated in Florida. While it is perfect for snorkeling, it also offers a great environment to carry out other sports like scuba diving and kayaking.

Most of the visitors choose this place for comfort and convenience. Because not only does it provide them with a pleasant atmosphere to relax, but it also gives them the luxuries of day to day life. Meaning, the rest houses of Bahia Honda offer all the facilities, ranging from electricity to Wi-Fi. But for people who like to enjoy nature as is, there are other cheaper and natural options available too.

Another important reason behind this place’s fame is Looe Reef. People from all over the world make sure that whenever they visit the State Park, they take an extra mile of going to this famous spot.

3. Crystal River, Florida

Signs welcoming northbound drivers to the City of Crystal River

Crystal River is known for its wide collection of manatees. Though their size can scare some people, their friendly nature grabs the attention of the rest. The river is located in the west of Florida State, and because of its unique sea life, it has become widely famous.

Tourists like to visit this place as they get the chance to swim along some of the most beautiful sea inhabitants. The good thing about Crystal River is that you can visit it all year long, especially when it is winter or spring. However, we suggest that you plan your trip during spring. During this, you will find the most manatees as the plant life attracts these herbivores to the surface.

If we talk about waters, then as the name suggests, it is evident. Moreover, it is not that deep, so you get to appreciate the sea life as close as possible.

4. Laguna Madre Estuary, Texas

Queen Isabella Causeway at Laguna Madre, Texas

While Texas is popular for its meat and steaks, there is another thing that grabs the people from every corner of the planet to visit it, and that is Laguna Estuary. In the world of snorkeling, this place is truly a hidden gem. With more than 300 miles of coastline, it offers some of the unique sea life.

You might need a 4×4 to reach Laguna, but the efforts will be worth it. The water there is pretty salty; therefore, you get to appreciate some rare fishes that aren’t usually encountered in snorkeling.

Just when you think that the fun is over, this place gifts you with some amazing offshore birds. If you have ornithophobia, we suggest that you look out for them. But other than that, it is a perfect pick for any snorkeling aspirant who likes to see the uniqueness of the sea world.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu viewed from Diamond Head crater

For beginners, this spot is perfect to start their adventure of snorkeling. It is situated on the south shore of Oahu’s island, Hawaii, and host tourists from everywhere with its amazing nature.

It is only a few miles away from the main beach, that’s why you don’t require a boat or any other means of transport. Even a family having a beach party can simply decide to snorkel at any moment without planning. Due to this reason, it is one of the rare places that provide spontaneous snorkeling opportunities.

In waters, you will find sea turtles of all kinds, but other fishes are common too. Whether you are looking to familiarize yourself with this sport or just want to appreciate the beauty of Honolulu, either way, you are bound to have a fantastic experience.

6. Pua’aKa ‘a State Wayside Park, Hawaii

Pua'aKa'a Falls at Pua'aKa'a State Wayside Park

Located in the heart of Hawaii, this place is packed with a variety of attractions. Not only is it home to some of the rarest turtle species, but during your snorkeling expedite, you may even encounter a whale.

But that’s not everything about Pua’aKa’a. In fact, the real adventure of this spot starts when you decide to take a boat to explore the south of Molokini. It may seem like a long trip, but you will be amazed by the views that you can appreciate in the journey.

Once you put your step in Molokini, you are welcomed with the widespread distribution of reefs. Because of them, you can see a huge collection of both common and rare species of fish. Moreover, you also get to enjoy a pretty smooth adventure as the waters are not only subtle, but the waves are also calm and safe for the snorkelers.

The Bottom Line

After the lively Hollywood world and the evergreen cultural festivities, the United States is most famous for its sparkly beaches. The sunny days and chilly nights provide quite a suitable environment for the tourists and local visitors to de-stress from their routine life.

Not only are these beaches utterly breath-taking, but they also offer some amazing water activities for their guests. Out of dozens of them, snorkeling is by far the most popular one. There are a lot of perfect spots in the US that let you observe different kinds of sea creatures. Moreover, each one of them possesses at least one or two qualities unique to that specific area.

While the appeal to visit them all is justified, we all know it is not possible. Therefore, the places mentioned above will cover the best ones for you. If you are new to snorkeling and looking for a spot to arrange your trip, consider choosing any of them, and surely you won’t regret your decision.