Five Travel Books, You Need to Read This Summer

We all love the feel and smell of a new book in hands. Travel books play a vital role in satisfying your wanderlust. There are wide arrays of good books that include the best collection of travel stories and offer the right travel inspiration. These books have turned out to be the prime choice of people in inspiring their personal travel goals over the due course of time. They are highly entertaining and foretold exciting adventure of budget travel. A bunch of travelers have included these books in the reading list and procure the right confidence and ideas for traveling. Summer needs to be peaceful, easy and relaxing. As you read the book, you will be rejuvenated, relaxed. Infact, these are the books that inspired to travel.

So if your needing a break from having too much fun on great options like, be sure to check these out.  Here is a catalog of the travel books list that will inspire you to enjoy the summer season.

Unspoilt Puglia

It is recognized to be one of the most prominent books about traveling the world, written by Eric & Lu Van Wesenbeek. This book lets you discover the beautiful and unspoilt part of Italy. It is essentially enriched and illustrated travel guide which takes you to a beautiful and haunting journey through Puglia. It offers a wide assortment of sightseeing and historical details. As you go through this book, you will be able to enjoy a bunch of photographs which seem to capture the enigmatic soul of Puglia. It takes the readers through different labyrinthine streets of the Baroque towns that are drenched in arts. This book has the ability to take you beyond those stunning, imposing walls of castles and cathedrals. You will be able to enjoy the ancient Roman and Greek ruins, the empty beaches, fairy tale trullo houses, seemingly gobbling built villages and unspoilt views. It offers information about the warm and genuine people and delicious cuisines of Italy.

Prisoners of Geography

Written by Tim Marshall, it is recognized to be one of the well-renowned books about travel. It lets you look at the maps as the guise to the thorny relations, existing between different nations, according to New York times. It depicts the perfect analysis of different geopolitical relationships, which reminds the readers that politics cannot exist without geography. This book stands second to none in satisfying the urge of the specialist researcher and provides insight into the student or general readers. With this book, you can collect information about global politics that will provide some knowledge prior to starting the next adventure. If you are willing to read travel books, buy it.

Bells of Old Tokyo: Travels in Japanese Time

It has earned a high reputation as one of the most popular books, written by Anna Sherman. This masterpiece is recognized to be part of cultural history, and a part of it depicts personal memoir. However, every thought and sentence of the book, every minute details offer something. The fragile and fragmentary poetry of the same stands out of the ordinary in capturing the consistent cycle of reconstruction and destruction, the transience of Tokyo. For more than three hundred years, Japan was closed to the outsiders, thereby leading to the development of a unique and remarkable culture. In the book, Anna Sherman mentions her research about the bells of Edo. It also explores the Tokyo city, the individuals, and inhabitants of the city and primarily the relationship between Japanese language and culture, history, memory, tradition and time.

European Rail Timetable

Written by Thomas Cook, this book is recognized to be the international timetable of the rail schedule of certain passenger for each and every country in Europe. It also consists of a small amount of content from specific areas outside Europe. As you go through this book, you will find information about regularly scheduled passenger shipping services. You can also find details about the specific intercity bus services on different routes in which the rail services are not in operation. This book provides guidance to go for a trip on the beautiful continent of Europe.

Arabia: A Journey Through the Heart of the Middle East

Written by Levison Wood, this book happens to be the highest hit of Stanford’s bookseller of the year. This is one of the best selling books, through which he will take you on a journey via some beautiful and harshest environment across the globe. In this book, he challenges the perception of the reader of a sorely misunderstood part of the globe. You can complete reading the book in no time. You are going to love the stunning yet daring stories. In addition to this, the book lets you get lost in the magic of the Middle East.

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