Best Snorkeling Spots in Maui Hawaii

Maui’s gorgeous beaches offer some of the best spots for snorkeling in Hawaii. It has a series of protected bays which keeps the big waves and the strong winds away. Maui is surrounded by several hot spots for snorkelers and divers alike, all you have to do is know where you want to go and what you want to see. In fact, there are several snorkeling opportunities anywhere on the island but if you are looking for the best place to snorkel in Maui, then you’re reading the right article because we are going to list down the top places to have an awesome snorkeling experience in Maui that you should not miss.

Honolua Bay

This stunning Marine Preserve is located on the northwest tip of Maui. And if you happen to book a hotel anywhere on the west side of Maui, then Honolua Bay is just a 15-minute drive away from your resort or hotel. But before you head out to this beach, make sure you check the Maui snorkel report first. Although wind is not usually a factor, it is good to know if there aren’t any waves so you can expect an excellent snorkeling experience. Also, don’t forget to bring the right snorkeling gear with you so you can have a smooth and comfortable snorkeling experience here at Honolua Bay.

Thanks to the Marine Preserve which prohibits fishing of any kind, going snorkeling in Honolua Bay will give you a view of the dense and diverse sea life that is second to none on Maui. Plus, this location is surrounded by high rocky cliffs that shelter the bay from the winds that is coming from both sides which means that you can expect the water here to be peaceful and calm.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay is a crescent-shaped bay which is located off of the lower road in Kapalua. This is a popular beach so you can expect that this spot tends to fill up quickly. You may also want to plan your trip before going to Kapalua Bay because the best time to go snorkeling here is during the morning and early afternoon. Kapalua Bay offers two main snorkel spots which are the right or the Kapalua and the Left or the Lahaina. Here you can see great coral and rock formations, crustaceans, octopus, Puffers, Damsels, Moorish Idols, and trumpet fish. Also, keep an eye out for turtles because you might just spot one here. So make sure that you have your underwater cameras ready so you can take pictures while you’re snorkeling with the spectacular marine life here at Kapalua Bay.

Napili Bay

If you’re looking for the best snorkeling experience, then you should definitely head at one of the most prized West Maui beach and the world famous Napili Bay. If you want the perfect spot for snorkeling here at Napili Bay, we suggest you go to the far right of the beach because it is a more sheltered place. We can assure you that you will be tickled to see a nice gathering of sparkly silver needle fish there. One thing you should remember when going to Napili Bay is that Honus, or turtles, are protected marine animals so do not touch and bother them.

Honekeana Bay

If you want to have the chance to encounter Green Sea Turtles, then you should head on down to Hokeana Bay. Although there is no guarantee that you will spot them, because they are wild animals, there are a lot of tourists and guests that said they see tons of turtles here at Honkeana Bay. Take note that this is a snorkel only spot because Honekeana Bay has no beach and it consists of a rocky shoreline. Make sure you bring the right snorkel mask here because you wouldn’t want your mask to fall off or be too tight while you’re looking for the Green Sea Turtles.

Also, take note that the best time to go here at Honolua Bay is during the summer months and in between winter swells. Remember to be very extra careful here if you’re planning to go snorkeling to Honekeana Bay during the winter months because this spot is fairly well exposed to the large northwest waves during this time.

Olowalu Beach Park

Olowalu Beach Par is located in an area that is a little more exposed to the afternoon trade winds that’s why the best time to go here is in the morning. You will never worry about being hungry after you’re finished snorkeling because the best snorkeling spot is just near Olowalu fruit stands, a general store, and the famous Leoda’s Pie Shop. There isv plenty of marine life to see here at Olowalu Beach Park but you have to be careful because the shoreline tends to be a rocky reef. Always remember not to stand on the reef.

Always remember that if you’re not an experienced snorkeler, you should have a snorkeling buddy with you while you’re in the water. Also, don’t forget to bring the right snorkeling equipment with you. If you have an eyesight problem, you should consider wearing prescription goggles while snorkeling so that you will be able to witness the amazing marine life that Maui has to offer.

We hope that you check out these locations when you’re going snorkeling in Maui and remember to respect and protect the marine life that you will be able to witness.