Best Snorkeling Spots in Culebra, Puerto Rico

If you like to snorkel, then you should head on down to the island of Culebra In Puerto Rico. This tiny island has miles of shoreline where you can see a healthy sea life and coral formations. Which makes it one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the world. Culebra is located just 177 miles east of Puerto Rico. Unlike the main island, Culebra has been spared urban development than most of Puerto Rico has experienced. Culebra is a coral island, which means you will hardly experience muddy run-ff from muck-up water or rivers. Another good thing about Culebra is that they only have few inhabitants but they have a wide array of wildlife refuges which enables the reef to thrive in the island. That’s why in this article, we are going to list down some of the best snorkeling spots that you should visit next.

Flamenco Beach

Famously known for its fine white sand beach and clear blue water, Flamenco beach also offers a perfect spot for snorkeling. To get the best snorkeling experience on this beach, you should go to the far right corner where the sand ends and the rock begins. This spot is called Muellecito or Shark Cages. Here you will see an amazing reef that is covered with different types of corals and sea life. Make sure you bring the right snorkeling gear with you because you will most likely be swimming against the current when you head back to the beach. That’s why you need to have the proper gear to keep you safe.

Melones Beach

This beach is part of the Luis Pena Channel Natural Reserve. This is a pretty accessible beach, all you have to do drive up to it and park just a few steps from the beach. Here you will be able to see amazing underwater rock formations and vibrantly colored corals. It’s kind of rocky here so you might want to bring the right snorkeling mask with you so that it would not fall off while you’re snorkeling and you would have a comfortable and smooth underwater experience.

Tamarindo Beach

This beach is also a part of the Luis Pena Channel Natural Reserve. This is an amazing snorkeling spot because it offers some stunning sea life. The main attraction here for snorkelers are the stingrays and sea turtles. The only downside of this snorkeling spot is that it’s mainly rocks, so you have to wear shoes and do some rock-walking to reach the perfect snorkeling spots.

There are other fantastic beach snorkeling spots that can be found in Culebra. But in order to reach those beach, you have to ride water taxis to get to the beaches are Cayo Norte, Culebrita, and Cayo Luis Pena and some of them on the small cays that surround Culebra.

Tips and Ideas on Going Snorkeling in Culebra

  • Take note that the beaches we mentioned above don’t have lifeguards which mean that you will have to be responsible for yourself while you’re snorkeling. That’s why we suggest that you should never go alone just in case something unfortunate happens. And you should wear a snorkeling vest or other floatation device while you’re snorkeling.
  • The heat of the sun is really strong here even on overcast days. So you might want to apply sunscreen often and generously before and after snorkeling.
  • Most of the beaches here are remote so you should consider what to do with your personal belongings such as your wallet, car keys, and mobile phone.
  • If you have poor eyesight, you might want to get yourself a prescription snorkel mask so that you would not have to wear your glasses or contact lens while snorkeling.
  • Lastly, make sure that you have fun and don’t forget to bring your action camera or underwater camera with you while you’re snorkeling so you can take pictures while you’re snorkeling. In that way, you will be able to share to the world how wonderful the corals and marine life is in Culebra, Puerto Rico.