Tips for Successful Snorkel Trips

Curiosity pushes people to explore unknown fields. Since the Age of Discovery, humans never stop their strides from conquering and discovering the world. For some people, snorkeling is a way to observe and explore the underwater life. Almost everyone has the capacity of snorkeling, even if you don’t know how to swim. However, snorkeling requires some professional techniques. But how could you make sure that you have a perfect first snorkeling trip? What preparations should you make before and during snorkeling? Worry no more because we are here are to give you some snorkeling tips and tricks that you should remember.

Choose the right snorkel mask – A fit snorkel mask is the first thing that you should have when snorkeling. You can see about three kinds of snorkeling masks in the market, namely, the full face snorkel mask, traditional snorkel mask, and the prescription snorkel mask. The traditional snorkel mask is composed of two parts, the snorkel tube and the mask, which covers the eyes and nose. The snorkel tube has a mouthpiece for breathing. If you want to snorkel the surface and more profound, then the traditional snorkeling mask is right for you. This kind of mask is more suitable for experienced snorkelers.

Using a full face snorkeling mask will allow you to breathe through mouth and nose, which can be quite especially for non-swimmers and beginner snorkelers. If you want to have more visual enjoyment, then the full face snorkeling mask is the right one for you because it offers a 180-degree panoramic view design.

On the other hand, a prescription snorkeling mask can be either a traditional snorkeling mask or a full face snorkeling mask. The only difference of this is that the glasses that are put in the mask matches the right prescription-grade for your eyes. This is a popular choice, especially for people who want to experience seeing the tremendous marine life without worrying about blurry visions.

Wear fins and vest – After getting the right snorkeling mask, you should not forget to wear your fins and jacket. Having a suitable pair of fins can give you a lot of swimming force and can help you snorkel easier without having to waste so much of your energy. Most professional snorkelers like to wear fins because it helps them to snorkel better. Aside from that, snorkeling fins also have a protective function. Which is why it is better to have slightly bigger fins that are easy to wear on. Please take note that snorkeling fins could shrink a little when they are in cold water.

Practice first – It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a traditional snorkel mask or a full face snorkel mask, the most important thing before going snorkeling is to practice first if you can. If you plan to purchase your own snorkeling gear, we suggest that you are buying them ahead of your vacation so that you can practice snorkeling first at the swimming pool. This will help you get familiar and used to your snorkel gear. Aside from that, you will have time to change them if they do not fit you well. If you are planning to rent snorkel gear on local, we suggest that you should start at the shallow part beach to practice first. Always make sure that you are familiar with your equipment and that everything goes well before you start your snorkeling.

Be aware of your location – Beginners always tend to get excited once they get the hang of snorkeling. Everything that lives under the sea is so charming, but keep in mind that danger exists at the same time. People tend to ignore the threat and have fun. But please do keep in mind that you should only snorkel on the safe area, and never forget where you are. Remember to stay close to your friends and check your location every few minutes. Stay near the shore or a boat, and keep in mind that safety always comes first.

Pick the right spot – You should pick your first snorkeling location smartly, or else you will end up having a boring trip. We suggest that you find a location that offers a stunning view of lovely fishes and beautiful corals, to ensure that you will have an exciting and unforgettable first snorkeling experience.

Sunblock – Always remember to protect yourself from sunburn. Keep in mind that even just a few minutes of exposure in the sun could hurt your skin. Keep in mind that you should apply sunscreen before you go snorkeling and reapply it every two to three hours.

Underwater etiquette – Keep in mind that you should keep your distance from the marine life all the time. Please do not touch them because some corals can be toxic, and sharp that can cut your skin to cause infections. Some fishes are also very alert so much so that they may attack you the moment they feel threatened. Remember to not feed fish or turtles, because it messes up the natural ecosystem.

Never snorkel alone – Exhaustion and a panic attack can happen anytime. Which is why you should go snorkeling with a friend or buddy and remember to watch out for each other.