Top Europe Destinations

We’re almost into a summer vacation months, and with it a plethora of summertime experiences that’s everyone desperate to be a part of at all costs. With forty-four countries and hundreds of lovely cities and tourist hotspots to consider, it can be tough to pick out your perfect gateway in a continent that spreads over ten million kilometers. However, we’ve done the homework for you to bring you five of Europe’s best destinations for the month ahead. Take a look:

1. Salzburg, Austria


The birthplace of Mozart is a joy for opera and general music lovers during August, offering a lineup of legendary orchestras, conductors, and famous opera singers to savor. The Salzburg Festival has been a prominent feature in the musical calendar for more than nine decades, and the latest edition is right on the corner promising typical pomp and color. Beyond the music, the town itself offers scintillating nature and lakes for you to explore, and picturesque concrete streets that are brimming with horse carriages.

2. Buñol, Spain

When you think of Spain, cities like Valencia and Barcelona instantly come to mind. While those are excellent summer choices, be sure to also spare some time for the little-known and pristine town of Buñol. Why? Because of “La Tomatina,” otherwise known as a celebration that brings thousands of people together for the noble purpose of an exhilarating tomato-throwing fight. It is one of the continent’s most anticipated events, seeing thousands trickling in from all around the world.

3. Split, Croatia


The onset of August means fever pitch summertime in the Balkan nation, and it offers you the typical happily-ever-after bliss. These include all-night parties, excellent sailing escapades, historical sightseeing, traditional wine tasting, and laying back to extended hours of sunshine in front of mesmerizing turquoise waters. One of the best spots you can explore in Croatia is Split. Check out the best car hire in Split so you can explore the city hassle-free. It is the perfect real-life depiction of storybook backdrops, and you might just be tempted into buying property in Croatia for the simple joys of waking up to tremendous sun rises.

4. Siena, Italy


Famous traditional horse races called Palio are on the agenda in August, with Siena the host city for the legendary sporting event that dates back to 1644. This lovely cobbled town always impresses visitors with its charming architecture, but the electric atmosphere that comes with a crucial chapter of Italian history is its strongest selling point during this month. At the end of the finish line, a joyous celebration ensues after the winner crosses the finish line with several parades and banquets preceding the race itself.

5. London, England


The Notting Hill Carnival sees the spotlight shine on London in August, as the adrenaline-packed festival offers several days of celebrating Caribbean communities in the city. You can look forward to delicious foods from the Caribbean islands, exemplary music, sumptuous cuisine, and colorful explosions of fireworks. There are no entry charges for a street party that sees between one and two million participants, ensuring everyone is welcomed to join in one of the biggest cultural parties in the world.

Europe is fantastic in the summer, and particularly in August, and these five cities are among the best it has to offer.