The Best Snorkeling Spots in Florida

The state of Florida stretches down to the southernmost part of the United States of America and it is mostly known for its crippling humidity and the Disney park. But aside from that, Florida is also surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and warm tropical waters that offer beach lovers a year round enjoyment. And this is because one half of Florida stretches into the Gulf of Mexico where the waters are clear, warm and full of life and the other lies against the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why when you go snorkeling in Florida,  you can witness some of the most amazing snorkeling spots in all of America. Florida is pretty much one of the popular tropical vacation spots in the world and all that’s left to do is choose the best snorkeling spots and gear and hit the water. And in this article, we are going to help you find the best snorkeling spots in Florida.

Pigeon Key, Florida Keys

Pigeon Key is famous for its seven mile bridge which connects Little Duck Key and Knight’s Key. Before you get here, you will have to ride on a speed boat where you will be greeted with a nice sandy beach where you can set up your beach towel and umbrella. Another best thing about Pigeon Key is it is not a very well-known snorkeling spot that’s why it’s not too crowded and busy. You will have to pay 12 dollars for the entrance fee and that includes the boat ride and the tour of the 5-acre island. The water’s deepness depends on where you drop off and swim but more or less, it ranges from 5 to 30 feet. You will be able to see different kinds of marine life such as barracudas and parrot fish.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, North Palm Beach

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park charges 5 dollars per vehicle with eight persons. At first, it may seem expensive but it’s all worth it after you experience the 500 acre park that has sea dunes, rock reef, and tidal estuary. Aside from snorkeling, you can also take a hike through the park. This beach state park is one of the favorite spots for both boaters and snorkelers that’s why it can get a little bit crowded sometimes and we suggest that you should invest in a dive flag so other people will know where you are. When you go snorkeling here, you can expect to see everything such as sea turtles, sting rays, and reef fishes. That’s why you should make sure that you have the right snorkeling gear for this trip. If you want to see the stingrays, we suggest you go visit John D. MacArthur Beach State Park from April to October.

Peanut Island, Riviera Beach

Just like most beaches in Florida, Peanut Island charges their guests an entrance fee of 14 dollars for adults and 8 dollars for children. But all of that will be worth it because of the amenities and activities that this island offers. You can have a picnic with a view for lunch under lots of trees, visit the amazing historical sites such as the Coast Guard Station and the Kennedy Bunker, and you can also camp in their campsite that fits 20 tents.

The water in Peanut Island is crystal clear and it ranges from knee high to 14 feet. When you go snorkeling here, you can expect to see manatees, sting rays, and even small sharks. So make sure you should have your underwater camera ready and prepare to take pictures while snorkeling.

Sebastian Inlet State Park, Melbourne Beach

Sebastian Inlet State Park is located right next to the Kennedy Space Center on the east coast of Florida. This state park offers clear waters that are great for all skill level of swimmers. Here, you can enjoy exploring four reefs that are within 150 yards from the shore. Here you can expect to see an amazing array of marine life from manatees, silver jacks, and snappers. The Sebastian Inlet State Park is a great place to wear your full face snorkeling mask so that you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the wondrous panoramic views of the ocean life.

Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail

The Phil Foster Park Snorkel Trail has an 800 foot man-made reef that was specially made for the snorkeling community. The creators of the man-made reef carefully planned it so that the water depths range from 5 feet to 11 feet depending on the tides. You can find this man-made reef just 200 feet from the shore and it can be explored by any level of swimmer. All you have to do is grab your snorkeling mask, finds, and jump into the warm water.

Florida offers some of the best snorkeling spots in the world, with all of these snorkeling spots we named, we are sure you are likely to fall in love with snorkeling while taking a vacation here. The warm waters, fine white sand beaches, and an incredible marine life to explore. All you have to do is make sure that you dress accordingly and have the right snorkeling gears to make sure you make the most of your tropical vacation.

Also, it is also important that you wear a snorkel vest and if you are wearing prescription glasses, you can consider wearing a prescription snorkel mask so that you could enjoy the terrific view underwater.