Snorkeling in Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is the most popular place to snorkel in Belize and it is near the Belize barrier reef which is the second largest reef in the world and it is located only about a mile from the caye. That is why Ambergris Caye is one of the perfect snorkeling destinations in the world. If you want to take a trip and snorkel Ambergris Caye but don’t know where to go, don’t worry because we got you covered. We are going to give you some tips on how and where to go to get the best snorkeling experience in Ambergris Caye.

Getting To and From Ambergris Caye

Belize is just about two hours away from four major cities in the United States namely New Orleans, Miami, Houston, and North Carolina. From there, you can book with major airlines servicing Belize such as US Airways, America, TACA, and Continental. Ambergris Caye is about 15 minutes away by air from Belize and there are hourly flights from Philip Goldson International Airport and Belize City Municipal Airstrip to Ambergris Caye that are serviced by local airlines such as Tropic Air and Maya Island Air.

If you don’t want to travel by air from Belize to Ambergris Caye, then you can take the local water taxis. These taxis are open speedboats that have outboard engines. The ride from Belize to Ambergris Caye last between 45 minutes to two hours depending on the stops at the other islands in between. You can purchase water taxi tickets at the Maritime Museum which is located at the foot of the Belize Swing Bridge.

Popular Snorkeling Spots in Ambergris Caye

  • Shark Ray Alley – Shark Ray Alley is a perfect shallow snorkel spot where you can encounter rays, nurse sharks, vibrantly colored corals, and large school of fish. So make sure you’re equipped with the right snorkeling gear when you go to Shark Ray Alley to be able to comfortably experience snorkeling with the amazing creatures underwater.
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve – This marine reserve is the most famous snorkeling spot in Ambergris Caye. Here you will get the chance to see some bigger marine species because of the flush of current in the barrier reef.
  • Tres Cocos – This location is often joined with Mexico Rocks. When you snorkel here in Tres Cocos, you will get the chance to swim with lots of fish and see beautiful corals in the shallow part of the barrier reef. That’s why you have to make sure that you can see perfectly underwater and if you have poor eyesight, you should bring your prescription masks with you to witness the beautiful underwater life in Tres Cocos.
  • Mexico Rocks – This area has calmer waters and it has excellent snorkeling depths which makes this the perfect spot if you’re a beginner snorkeler. And remember to bring your underwater camera and take some photos while you’re snorkeling because we assure you that snorkeling in Mexico Rocks is an experience worth sharing.
  • Coral Gardens – Coral Gardens is located just south of the sandy shallow waters of San Pedro. Here you will be able to see a wide variety of fish and spectacular corals. While snorkeling in Coral Gardens, make sure you have the right snorkeling mask that fits your face perfectly so that it’s not too tight or it doesn’t fall off while you’re looking at the majestic views underwater.
  • Tuffy Rocks – Tuffy Rocks is located just south of Tres Cocos and next to the famous diving spot, Tackle Box Canyons. This is one of the places that offers some great snorkeling and it’s is a good spot if you want to check out different kinds of fish.

Booking Tips in Ambergris Caye

With all of the amazing snorkeling spots we listed down for you, you may want to sign up with a snorkel boat company of your choice at least a day before you go snorkeling. Boat trips tend to book up during the busiest season so you may want to reserve your spots before you arrive in Belize. But if you’re not visiting during the peak season, you might have the opposite problem because most boat companies do not offer boat trips because there are not enough people.

Take note that the peak season in Belize is from December to April. This is the time of the year where days in Belize are sunny and has clear blue skies. This is also the coolest months of the year in Belize which means it can be sunny but it’s not too hot. Belize’s low season runs from mid-May to October or November. Some of the tourists like to book trips during this time to take advantage to lower booking prices because most of the businesses drop their room rates as well as their tour rates by 30 to 50 percent during his season.