Snorkeling Gear: Buying or Renting?

Snorkeling is like swimming through the water while being equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube for breathing known as snorkel, and SwimFin. In calmer waters, you can wear a wet suit. This equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for an extended time with relatively little effort and to breathe while facing down towards the surface.

Snorkeling is a great recreational sport that allows you to observe underwater life in its natural setting without the intense training and equipment needed for diving underwater. It is relatively easier to learn than underwater diving. Also, it is suitable for all ages as it requires a little effort and is the basis of two finswimming sports.

Although snorkeling is an excellent choice to feel, observe and explore the sea world, it’s not for everyone. The underwater world is a mystery, and you have to explore it on your own, but if you have any health problems like cardiac disease, snorkeling might not be the best option. 

Most of us don’t live in coastal areas; even if we were close to the beach, the site might not be suitable for snorkeling. After all, you cannot go snorkeling without doing a detailed analysis of the place and determining what equipment you’ll need for it

Renting Snorkeling Gear


Renting Snorkeling Gear

Easy to Travel

Carrying light luggage can save you a lot of precious space and weight for your suitcase or bag. If you are used to buying budget airline tickets, check-in luggage is not included. The carry-on luggage is within a specific weight limit. If you carry snorkeling gear, it could go over the luggage weight limit.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Once you’ve selected a location where you want to go snorkeling, you have to make sure if there are shops that rent snorkeling gear. Once you’ve made sure of that element, you can ask them to reserve and book the equipment for use for that particular day. Doing this will be very convenient for you and give you peace of mind that everything you’ll need will be available there.

Saves Money

If you’re not looking to buy the equipment, then you can rent it out for a lesser cost to avoid the full price of buying the equipment. Renting is typically less costly than purchasing the equipment. 

A Single Trip

Some people want to experience what it’s like to snorkel and experience the thrill of this watersport.  They might not want to keep the equipment and only use it for a particular instance or two. Therefore, in such cases, renting is more preferred when they’re just looking to experience it once.

Comes with Owner’s Guarantee

Some shops take the responsibility of replacing or renewing the equipment if it gets damaged or lost. Whereas, if you bought them, you’d have to buy the equipment all over again. 



Right Sizes Can Be Hard To Find

It can be hard to find a mask that fits your face correctly, especially when you want a full-face snorkel mask. A full-face snorkel mask is a lifesaver for beginners, but you need to choose the right size to avoid a leakage problem. 

Traditional snorkeling requires you to know how to breathe underwater, which may be difficult for beginners. Besides this, the mouthpiece should fit in your mouth. A bigger mouthpiece can hurt your gums or cheeks.

Sanitation Concerns

There are also some sanitation concerns, especially if you rent traditional gear; it gets a bit complicated to guarantee whether the mouthpiece has been appropriately sanitized or not.

Renting is Not Always Available Everywhere

You cannot rent snorkeling gear in some areas and have to buy the equipment. Most snorkeling locations offer renting services, but some remote places don’t have this kind of facility. That is why it is best to do your research on where you want to go, whether the renting of snorkeling gear is available or not. 

Hence it’s better to make sure if rental services exist in that area and then contact them to reserve your snorkeling gear beforehand, which will help save time. 

Rental Stores Can Run Out of Certain Sizes of Equipment

There is a chance that rental stores can run out of the equipment size you are looking for, and it gets aggravating. It takes a lot of time to find the right snorkeling gear, and when you find out that your size isn’t available, it gets even more frustrating. Therefore, it’s better to buy your equipment.

Renting Online isn’t often Available

The option of renting online compared to buying isn’t often available; hence you’ll have to call the shop and figure out yourself if you can reserve or rent your equipment beforehand. 

Buying Snorkeling Gear



You Can Purchase the Snorkeling Gear Online

You can get your snorkeling equipment in advance. Most people buy their snorkeling equipment online from sites like Amazon. Once you receive your snorkeling mask or fins, you need to try them on. If the kit doesn’t fit well or if you don’t like it for some reason, you will still have time to change or refund. 

Most merchants out there allow you to change or refund in 7-30 days after receiving the product; hence it’s better to look for branded gear before you go snorkeling.  

Gives You Enough Time to Practice

Buying snorkeling gear beforehand gives you enough time to practice. You can also test your skills in a swimming pool or a lake with a new kit and get familiar with the equipment.

Saves Time

One of the best benefits of buying a gear beforehand is that it’ll save you a lot of time instead of having to go to a shop to purchase or rent it later when you’re at your snorkeling spot.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Sanitation

With the new snorkeling gear, you won’t have to worry about its cleanliness and sanitation. That is why many people prefer buying snorkeling gear instead of renting it out.

Renting Can Sometimes Be More Expensive Than Buying 

Renting snorkeling gear is not much cheaper than buying new snorkeling gear, especially in some snorkeling resorts, but if you buy it, you will have the time to choose the right equipment for the right price. If you are lucky, you can get deals or discounts, and it could be very cost-friendly.

You Can Easily Pick up and Use Your Gear

Whenever you want to go snorkeling, you can buy your gear and take it with you, and hence you can go snorkeling with ease.



Occupies Space

When you carry the snorkeling gear, it can occupy some space in your suitcase and causing your luggage to be overweight and heavy to carry. And if you’re going by plane, the extra weight can cost you more money.

They Can Be Expensive

Some branded snorkeling gears can cost you a lot of money; this investment can go in vain if you don’t like snorkeling a lot because it’ll just sit there.

Snorkeling Gear – Better to Buy Than Rent

You can not only buy snorkeling gear, but you can also rent it at the same time. It is best to purchase your snorkel masks from your local dive shop and rent swimming fins from a rental shop once you get to your location. Overall, we recommend buying the snorkeling gear if possible, but if not, it’s best to check whether the area you’re going to has a rental shop with the desired equipment.