Exotic Beach Tour Ideas for South East Asia

The travels and tours industry is developing fast, especially for the South East Asia region, with a new tourist destination being discovered every so often. But it is the beaches of the Southern East region of Asia that are quite an attraction to most globetrotters and travelers. This is beside the region boasting of the well-established hotel industry and delicious treats to couple up the experience.


If you want to have an allure of the South East Asia beach tours, Thailand is one of the best places to begin your tour. The place has well-established accommodation establishments, excellent infrastructure plus a warm and welcoming community. For a long time, Thailand has been the hallmark of the South-East Asian tourism industry. It has one of the best sandy footage in the world.

Cambodia and Vietnam

Whether you want to enjoy holidays on the beach with some minute escapes for sand and the sun, you can have it all in neighboring Vietnam and Cambodia. The two destinations have made tremendous strides over the past couple of decades to offer the best beach tours. The island Halong Bay beaches, as well as the Phu Quoc silky white sands, makes the perfect beach tour ideas you are looking for.


This is one of the newest tourist destinations of South East Asia. Formerly known as Burma, the country is in a thrilling flux state with the unfolding petals attracting the world after decades of political instability. Every other month, new corners of the nation keep opening up to tourism. There are fresh roads being sealed leading from Himalayan foothills to the southern port of Myeik. This is the end that leads to the Mergui Archipelago. Here, you’ll be sure to find mass tropical islands that have barely been touched, surrounded by the charming peroxide blonde beaches.


If wildly remote shores are what you need, then Indonesia should be among your considerations. The region has a necklace of a whopping 17,000 islands, of course, surrounded by beaches to float your boat. The islands are estimated to span about two million square kilometers from the Malay Peninsula, crossing the equator and extending to Australia. They are startlingly charming, astonishingly different but surprisingly, they are underdeveloped.

The moment you get there, you will be rewarded richly with the best scenery akin to fantasy. There are a number of volcanic craters full of psychedelic waters. You will be astonished at the full view of Komodo dragons plodding across the majestic palm trees, besides the spectacular sunsets that will turn the sea to an amazing liquid gold. Most of all, you will find beaches in every shade you can imagine.


While Indonesia’s deep islands are the best for adventures, you cannot underestimate the Philippines. This is one of the fastest growing tours destinations of South East Asia. It is becoming quite popular for the party scenes and its host of pristine beaches. You can also visit the Manila city for racy rooftop bars and scenes of live music.