Best Snorkel Equipment Brands

Having the right snorkeling gear can make a big difference in how much you can enjoy and submerge yourself when you’re exploring the amazing underwater world. And we have to be honest, cheap equipment has mediocre quality, and it always fits poorly, which can equally have a negative effect. It can spoil what could have been a great underwater experience. Which is why in this article, we will give you a guide on some of the best brands for snorkeling equipment, we will also highlight some of their signature products so you can take a look at within their product range.

Atomic Aquatics – Atomic is a brand in the snorkeling industry that is equal to luxury car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. In fact, there are several similarities when it comes to the quality of their products, they use exotic materials, pay attention to details, have unique designs, maintains elegance, and definitely high performance. However, Atomic Aquatics is really known for its luxury. 

Every product of Atomic Aquatics is made to work effortlessly underwater and be ridiculously comfortable for the user. Their snorkels, masks, and fins are all extensively tested, modified, designed, tweaked, and made to be as perfect as possible. For example, some of their fins have been inspired by tail fins of fish, and they really pay attention to the designs and techniques they employ in each of their products. 

Atomic Snorkeling Sets and equipment are considered to be the peak compared to other brands. If you want to enjoy looking at the beauty of the underwater world for extended periods of time or, you want to have snorkeling equipment that has the performance, quality, and comfort. It looks like Atomic Aquatics is the right for you!

TUSA – This is a well-respected dive equipment brand, but to be honest, their snorkeling equipment products are where they really shine. Which is why TUSA is one of the ultimate go-to brands for expert and beginner snorkelers alike. 

TUSA is a very versatile brand because they seem to have something for everyone, literally! If you want a color matching snorkel, mask, and fin set, TUSA has several color options you can choose from. If you finding it hard to buy a mask that will fit you properly, TUSA has masks that are designed to fit kids as well as young kids. Plus, they also have snorkeling equipment for wide and narrow heads and as well as standard fitting snorkeling gears. Did we mention that TUSA has one of the most extensive ranges of off the shelf replacement lenses for your snorkeling mask on the market,

One of their most popular product is the TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask. This also happens to be one most popular mask when it comes to snorkeling, and it is not really hard to see why. TUSA snorkeling masks feature a ridiculously comfort silicone skirt which has their new Freedom Fit Technologies. All of them work in order to create a perfect fit. At the last count, you can now choose from 22 different colors of snorkeling equipment, and it has many matching their snorkel as well as fin ranges. On top of that, you can also get minus, plus, and Bi-focal corrective lenses.

TUSA also manufactures excellent snorkeling fins, especially to those who like to head out to more remote snorkeling spots.

Scubapro – Scubapro is one of the most famous underwater equipment brands, especially in the scuba diving industry. Scubapro Mask and snorkel range have some excellent products like the Vibe 2, which has unusual but unbelievably comfortable strap design. Another good snorkeling mask from Scubapro is their Synergy Mini because it is uniquely designed to fit narrower and fades faces.

The Scubapro Go Travel and Go Sports Fins as part of their travel range. The Go Travel Fins are designed to be worn barefoot while the Go Sports Fins are designed for people who have a bigger foot pocket.

Mares – This snorkeling manufacturer is an Italian brand. With just one look at their product design, you can quickly say that they really put elegance in each of their products. In fact, their equipment is so pretty they have able to win a handful of design awards over the years. Some of their designs won awards over the years for their unique and innovative products. Compared to other Italian manufacturers, Mares produces and sells their merchandise at a surprising value for money even of if looks and feel luxurious. Plus, each of their products can give you the comfort you are looking for in a snorkeling set.

Some of their masks, more particularly the ‘Vision’ models, has pretty extreme lens shape that can give a wide field of view, both horizontally and vertically. Having this kind of snorkeling mask means that you can have the most comprehensive and clear look of the underwater life.

Mares has a wide selection of snorkels that is available in the market. Their Ergo or Rebel snorkeling line has the best color matching options, comfort levels, and of course, unique features.

Cressi – This is of the biggest water sports equipment manufacturers in the world. This is because they cater to the snorkel, swim, and scuba diving industries. Cressi has five divisions cover for four markets, namely snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and spearfishing. Cressi is a powerful brand that it abled to maintain a significant presence in almost each significant economic region all across the world. Plus, they deliver about 300 various water sports equipment products to more than 90 countries across the globe. When it comes to eyewear products that are made specifically for the swimming market, Cressi snorkeling and diving masks all have glass lenses along with silicone skirts. This company was the first one to introduce a handful of material, design, and as well as manufacturing innovations for swimfins. These swimfins have that classic full-foot fins that have paddle-style blades, and it comes with an adjustable, open-heel paddle that is made explicitly for use with bare feet. Cressi has over 30 fins, masks, and snorkels sets that are available in the market.

Speedo – Speedo is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of swimwear and other swim-related accessories. The company started in Australia. However, their products are no longer manufactured in there, and today, the company is based in Nottingham, England. Speedo was founded by a Scottish immigrant named Alexander MacRae in 1964 in Sydney, Australia. Today, the company is known to be one of the industry-leading companies when it comes to swimwear and swimming accessories. Speedo is now a subsidiary of the British Pentland Group, and today, the Speedo brand remained to be one of the most reputable and reliable brands when it comes to swimwear and water sports equipment. 

Also if you wear glasses, be sure to learn more about prescription snorkel masks: