The Best Prescription Snorkel Mask Available This Year

One of the most common complaints I’ve seen from both veteran snorkelers and novices is the issue with clarity of vision underwater. For people who have problems with their eyesight and use prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, snorkeling can be an unenjoyable or even a frightening experience.

Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, companies have been made aware of this gap in the market. A selection of snorkel masks with integrated prescription magnification is now available, which means that people with poor eyesight can attain excellent visibility beneath the waves!

Best Prescription Snorkel Mask Review Table:

I’ve written this guide with the intention to inform prescription lens wearers about these snorkel mask options. As always, some brands are better than others. I consider myself an expert on the subject of snorkeling gear, so I won’t lead you wrong! Hopefully, you can benefit from my advice and get something that works perfectly for you.

Where to Buy
OMGear Swim Mask Dive Goggles Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover Snorkeling Gear Junior Adult Snorkel Mask
IST Professional Snorkel Mask
Promate Optical Corrective Snorkel Mask
Promate Prescription Purge Mask
Top of top store Professional Diving Swimming Mask Goggle Scuba- Hyperopia/ Myopia

1. OMGear Swim Mask Dive Goggles Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover Snorkeling Gear Junior Adult Snorkel Mask

  • Superior vision quality

  • Superb price point

  • Suitable for beginners

The Uncut Buzz Rating

OMGear's swimming mask features a soft food-grade liquid silicone strap and skirt that are both environmentally friendly and healthy, making it extremely comfortable to wear. The mask buckles and flexible face skirt are highly adjustable and carefully constructed to accommodate practically any face shape and heads of various sizes.

Since it has received plenty of good press online, I decided to try it out myself. It did get a little bit foggy underwater, so I recommend using some sort of anti-fog treatment ahead of time on the lenses. Other than this mostly trivial issue, it was a fantastic mask. Considering the amount you pay for this thing, you get a lot of value for your money. In particular, I’d recommend this mask to beginners or intermediate snorkelers who aren’t ready to spend a ton of money on equipment.

I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into adjusting the belts on the mask, which was nice. A lot of the cheaper models I’ve run across in the past loosened gradually over time to the point I couldn’t even use them. The build quality with this mask, in particular, is pretty phenomenal for the price.

It fit comfortably underwater and provided superior visual quality. My wife, who has worse vision than I do, really enjoyed this brand in particular. She has a pair that she uses underwater whenever we have the chance to snorkel in local waters.

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Do I need one of these masks?

There are some critical differences between prescription snorkel goggles and regular snorkel masks. Certain aspects of their design make them uniquely appealing to some individuals.

2. IST Professional Snorkel Mask

  • Shortage of lens options

  • Snug Fit

  • Great Starter Mask

The Uncut Buzz Rating

IST creates an inexpensive snorkel mask that is comparable to the Scuba Choice. While it has received numerous positive reviews online, some users complain that it lacks in the number of different corrective lens options available, which might turn some users off from purchasing it. In my experience, the IST mask was rustic, functional, and overall good value for the money.

While you can’t expect a whole lot out of this inexpensive option, it is certainly a great option for people who are curious about snorkeling but are too frugal to make a potentially unwise investment in a hobby they don’t know much about. One other factor that might make the IST mask unappealing for some users is that it tends to run on the snug side. I have a large head, so your mileage may vary, but I noticed that it exacerbated my tension headaches and fit too snugly to my head underwater if I wore it for too long.

If you have a large head, this brand tends to run a bit small, so I would advise another option. All in all, the IST provides a great starter experience in the world of snorkeling for individuals with vision problems. For intermediate snorkelers and those who want a wider set of features, I would recommend upgrading to something a little more expensive.

For just a little more money, you can get your hands on a better pair; for the rest of us, the price is right on the IST!

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If you experience some sort of moderate to a severe vision problem, you’ll enjoy snorkeling a lot more with these masks. I highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from nearsightedness, farsightedness or has any combination of vision problems. With conventional scuba masks, you won’t be able to see as clearly underwater, so these are a godsend.

With many different brands and varieties available, it can be confusing to figure out which one to purchase. I’m here to walk you through it!

3. Promate Optical Corrective Snorkel Mask

  • Tempered glass with a low internal volume

  • Extremely lightweight

  • High-performance corrective configurations

The Uncut Buzz Rating

Overall, I was very impressed with this mid-range snorkel mask. Aside from the fact it is priced fairly inexpensively, the manufacturers also provide a wide variety of different corrective lens options in 0.5 increments.

The company offers -1.0 to -10.0, +1.0 to +4.0, and bifocal lenses ranging from +1.0 to +4.0. For people who are having a difficult time finding corrective varieties of snorkel masks in their specific prescription, this may be a brand to consider if you’re not willing to invest triple digits into snorkeling gear. Featuring tempered glass with a low internal volume and a comfortable silicone seal, the Promote Optical varieties of corrective snorkel masks are pretty tremendous for their price point.

After testing out a number of the different configurations, I was pleased to find out that they were comfortable for extended snorkeling sessions. If you’re looking for another option for a mid-range mask compared to something like the IST, this may be a possible candidate to add to your list. I feel like this pair could be a bit loose on some head shapes, but in my specific case, they were very comfortable for extended wear and felt well-made.

They are also very lightweight, provide excellent visibility underwater, and deliver a huge variety of high-performance corrective configurations for individuals who are having a difficult time finding the right prescription. Yet another cost-effective option that delivers great results for a wide spectrum of snorkelers.

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4. Promate Prescription Purge Mask

  • Phenomenal clarity

  • High-end dry snorkel included

  • Fantastic build quality

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One of the higher-end snorkeling masks in this category is the Promote Prescription Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel Set, which includes a high-end dry snorkel and purge mask bundled into one deal. While this is one of the most expensive options available, the build quality and features are undeniably appealing to intermediate and experienced snorkelers with corrective vision problems looking to get the most out of their underwater experience.

I was lucky enough to try a pair of these out, and I’m currently in the process of saving up to buy a pair of my own. This was probably one of the more comfortable snorkel masks I’ve ever used, and I was able to get my hands on my variety of prescription lens for use underwater. The clarity was absolutely phenomenal, and I had a great experience diving under the surface with this mask. The purge feature efficiently removed any excess water, and the lenses never fogged up.

Provided you’re willing to foot the bill for this excellent snorkeling kit, it will be worth every penny. I wouldn’t describe them as snug or loose. You could tell that excellent engineering and R&D went into this product, and at least in my experience, it fit my head shape perfectly.

With an adjustable strap, I imagine it fits pretty much every shape and size of the head without discomfort. You’re paying for quality in this case, and you get exactly what you pay for. While the price tag might turn some people off, it is certainly a worthwhile investment for avid snorkelers.

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Prescription mask

It wasn’t that long ago that masks of this variety were fairly rare on the market. The Internet brings snorkeling to a brand new generation of amateur divers, and companies are paying more attention to consumers than ever. Since many people tend to develop vision problems as they age, these masks are especially popular with the elderly.

Snorkeling can be a relaxing experience, especially if you’re able to see clearly underwater. When you’re snorkeling while on vacation, you’ll definitely want to make sure you can enjoy the sight of aquatic wildlife and plants. Prescription masks come in many different corrective grades, but this shouldn’t be the only factor in which mask you buy.


5. Top of top store Professional Diving Swimming Mask Goggle Scuba- Hyperopia/ Myopia

  • Mid-range scuba mask

  • Cost efficient

  • Optimized for farsighted individuals

The Uncut Buzz Rating

For individuals who have a difficult time seeing objects under the water up close, this mid-range scuba mask is a godsend. I’d say that these are an excellent value for the price point. With a well-sealed silicone skirt and adjustable buckle, it provides comfort for extended scuba sessions, and you save yourself a lot of money by opting for this model over other similar offerings.

Specifically designed for individuals who experience varying levels of farsightedness and it even helps nearsighted people as well.  While I only experience mild farsightedness, I was able to notice an immediate difference with the pair I tried out. I decided to give them to a friend who has a more severe case of farsightedness, and the last time I spoke to him, he told me that this specific pair saw frequent use on his last Hawaiian vacation.

A collection of positive reviews from users on Amazon and various other websites seem to suggest that these are a popular option for people looking to get their hands on a mid-range scuba mask optimized for farsighted individuals, and I have to agree with the consensus. Pound-for-pound, you get a lot for your money here. While the feature set may not be the most robust out of all of the models I’ve demoed, it gets the job done efficiently, especially when you consider the fact that they aren’t expensive.

A great option for beginners or intermediate scuba divers looking for corrective lenses to provide better visibility underwater.

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When you’re trying out snorkeling masks, make sure it doesn’t fit too snugly or hang too loosely around your head. It should have some sort of seal to prevent water from leaking in. It is pretty easy to tell whether or not the brand uses quality parts. Avoid poor build quality and opt for masks that emphasize comfort and functionality. If you’re shopping exclusively online, read a large selection of reviews from diverse sources to find the best options.

Did You Find These Prescription Snorkel Mask Reviews Helpful?

See anything you like in my buyer’s guide? I hope that I’ve provided a good assortment of the best snorkeling devices that I’ve personally tried.

Individuals with vision issues often find snorkeling a justifiably claustrophobic prospect. With these new prescription lens masks now commonly available on the market, you can truly enjoy your snorkeling experience without having to worry about poor visibility underwater.