Best Places to Standup Paddleboard in Australia

Even if standup paddleboarding originated in Hawaii, the Land Down Under also offers the best spots for this sports. They may be dispersed far across the country’s wide territory but they are sure worth the trip and the wait because you will see and experience the unique standup paddle boarding water quality together with the various wildlife and stunning natural landscapes. So if you are into paddle boarding of you simply just want to explore the water systems of one of the world’s largest countries, read along because this list is for you.

1. Currumbin Beach

Aside from the precious beach that has clear shallow waters, the surfers and the SUPers, as we like to call the ones who loves standup paddle boarding, loves to flock Currumbin beach because of its inviting waves. But despite having the consistent surf scene, the water is relatively calm that’s why it’s a popular place to try and get on your SUP board.

2. Clareville Beach

This is a serene beach located at northern Sydney. This is a western-facing beach on Australia’s east coast that’s why it is mostly protected from boasts and winds meaning its water has an exceptionally calm condition. This place is a beach waiting to be discovered. So if you want to head on down to Clareville Beach and you’re new to SUP, don’t forget to book a lesson from a local trainer to help you know the basics and show you how to put it all together.

3. Little Manly Beach

Little Manly beach is located away from Manly’s main beach that’s why it has considerably calmer water which is the perfect condition for a paddle. If you are an experienced paddle boarder or if you’re confident on riding the paddleboard, you can paddle around Little Manly Beach to Colins Flat beach and back again.

4. Bonnie Vale Beach

Located in Sydney’s expansive Royal National Park, Bonnie Vale Beach in Budeena is the perfect place for lovers of the outdoors. It has a wide space for everything and it is surrounded by beaches and bays which makes it perfect for several outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

5. Hinze Dam / Lake Advancetown

Hinze Dam is located on the Gold Coast and it is a popular spot among locals for SUP. Technically, it is a dam and its reservoir is known as Lake Advancetown and it contains water that is forced into unique tendril-like paths through surrounding hills. There are tall grasses and trees that rise out of the water along Hinze Dam’s coast that will make you feel that you are floating through another world as you paddle your way through the water. You can also bring your fishing pole with you if you plan to take a visiting to Hinze Dam because the lake is full of spangled perch and bass.

6. Onkaparinga River

Ongkaparinga River is one of the most scenic flatwater spots in Australia that is perfect for SUPs. the water flows from the mountains and empties out in the Port Noarlunga estuary. You will be awed with the 95km length of diverse landscapes along Ongkaparinga’s river banks. You can see the river curl into the ocean which leaves little warm sandy patches that glows like embers during sunrise.

7. Port Phillip Bay

Port Philip Bay is Melbourne’s largest bay it has over 200 kilometers of protected coastline that you can explore. The waters in the bay are perfectly calm to paddle but the bay’s playful dolphins might appear and turn your serene and calm paddling into a silly game. You can take advantage of the nature of Port Philip Bay and plan a route from one beach to another.

8. Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay is located at the tip of a peninsula and it forms a unique boundary between the sheltered bay and the ocean that’s why it is a perfect spot for stand up paddle boarders because they can move freely and even explore the bay out into the Tasman Sea. Watsons Bay offers a smooth paddle boarding experience along the beautiful beaches where you can take a look at Sydney’s skyline and the Sydney Harbor National Park. There is even a competition that is being held here every January which is called the Every Man and His Dog competition wherein stand up paddle boarders compete along with their furry pets.

9. Brisbane River

Brisbane River is a 334-kilometer river that makes its way through southeast Australia. You can explore this location for over several days because stand up paddle boarding the entire length might be a little tiring. You can see the third largest city in Australia while you are paddle boarding the calmness of the Brisbane River.

10. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located about 18 kilometers off Australia’s western coast and we guarantee you that it is worth your visit. Rottnest Island is a protected reserve where you can see unique wildlife such as quokkas, a happy-looking furry critter that looks like a crossover of a kangaroo and koala. Rottnest Island is also one of the best downwind stand up paddle boarding spots in Australia.