5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Out Snorkeling

You might have seen amazing shots in a nature magazine featuring breathtaking underwater life. Or maybe you have watched Finding Nemo and wonder what it would be like to experience all this in reality. If yes, snorkeling is just a suitable activity for you.

You may be a beginner at snorkeling, but it is much easier than scuba diving St George Utah. It is a simpler version of scuba diving. All you have to do is get your essential gear, polish your rusted swimming skills, and you are good to go. Tropical places like Caribbean Islands are perfect for such an adventure.

Snorkeling Essentials

Snorkeling Essentials

Snorkeling is a relatively simple activity that does not require any specific training. If you are good at swimming, you can be a pro at snorkeling. The plus point about snorkeling is that you don’t have to carry heavy gear sets like scuba diving or train the whole month. The portable gear for snorkeling is perfect for traveling. 

Equipment Check

The list of equipment includes a diving mask, a U-shaped snorkel, and swim fins. It would be best to get a mask that does not irritate you. It should be comfortable – not too tight nor too loose. You don’t want to get water and bubbles inside your mask. 

For a great experience, consider buying an underwater camera as well for snorkeling. This way, you can capture your unique adventure of seeing marine life for a lifetime to cherish.

Practice with Your Equipment

Before getting into the deep sea, you might want to do a short swim in your swimming pool with the equipment. Try to breathe through the snorkel and familiarize yourself with it. It’s the same for fins as well. Swimming with fins is entirely different as the drag and weight of fins can make your muscles ache, and you may get cramps afterward. 

Breathing Practice

Professional suggests that you should practice with the snorkel by keeping yourself at the surface of the water. Keep your head down and breathe through the tube. Once you get used to this, try to dive under the water while holding your breath. Deep and slow breathing is the key. The more you practice your breath-holding capacity, the more you will enjoy the scenes underwater. 

Save Your Energy

You might want to consider snorkeling on a new day. Regular swimming alone can be tiring enough; snorkeling is known to take a toll on you. Even in warm waters, you will continuously lose energy and heat. The swimming fins add to it. Just try to start with a relaxed mind and body, and you will surely enjoy this.

Choose a Suitable Location

As a beginner snorkeler, you must not try to snorkel in an area that gets strong currents. Instead, choose a place with warm, calm waters. You will only struggle with your movements if the waves are rough. Also, go for a place that has vibrant and unique marine life. It is hardly any fun if you snorkel around a barren reef. 

Reasons Why You Should Try Snorkeling

Reasons Why You Should Try Snorkeling

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider snorkeling at least once in your lifetime. Apart from a fantastic time spent with marine life, there are quite many health benefits. We have compiled five significant reasons that will undoubtedly make you want to consider adding this to your bucket list.

Sea Water Therapy

Deepwater swimming is a crucial way to enhance breathing and respiration. The strength you put while snorkeling in a synchronized manner is an exercise for the entire body. Snorkeling is considered equivalent to meditative breathing techniques, and it helps you relax your body and mind.

Makes Your Heart Strong

Snorkeling is an excellent way to strengthen your heart as it is a great cardiovascular activity. As you breathe deeply, your heart rate increases, and it pumps harder. A healthy heart will eventually help you decrease the chances of getting cardiac diseases, such as coronary disease and heart failure.

Helps with Breathing

Snorkelers improve their breathing by using a snorkel tube. When you breathe from your mouth, you limit your airflow, causing resistance. This will, in turn, make your breathing more calm and even. As a result, your lungs get strong. This is similar to yoga techniques; hence it will increase your lung capacity.

Improves Joint Mobility

Restricted joint movements can be a problem while walking or jogging. People get obese because they are unable to continue strenuous exercises. Snorkeling allows you to move with the soft impact of water. The reduced effect on muscles is an effective way to improve joint movements and stay in shape. 

Connects You with Nature

Snorkeling gives you an extraordinary encounter with underwater life. You get to see the most beautiful creatures with their vibrant colors just chilling in their natural habitats. You can be mesmerized by seeing them and observing their behavior. Hence, this is why snorkeling is beneficial for people with anxiety disorders and ADHD.

Things to Take Care Of

Things to Take Care Of

There is no doubt that snorkeling is a fun experience, but anything fun can be dangerous if not done right. Open waters can be spooky, and there are several things that you should take care of. Follow the safety tips we have enlisted below, and you will have a safe snorkeling experience.

  • Be Confident: Snorkeling is easy, but your fear may make it difficult for you. Always carry a highly visible buoy with you to be easily located. In case you are feeling anxious, try adding on an extra vest.
  • Do Not Snorkel Alone: Try to go out snorkeling with family and friends. If you are alone, you can pair up with a snorkel partner. Doing this will ensure that they can reach you in time, and you both can help each other if needed.
  • Right Quality Equipment: If you are a snorkel enthusiast, consider buying your gear instead of renting it. Do not compromise on the quality. Buy high-quality equipment even if it’s a bit expensive. It will last long and serve you well.
  • Take a Break after Eating: Do NOT go out in the water with a full stomach as it will only make you nauseous and sick with the waves hitting you. Consider eating light and fresh food for energy but take a couple of hours of a break before going in the water.
  • No Alcohol: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated but do not consume alcohol before snorkeling. If you had a party the previous night, take a day off and just let your body regenerate. Snorkeling while under the influence of alcohol may cause serious accidents.

Best Locations for Snorkeling

Best Locations for Snorkeling

The oceans make up 70% of the world, but where to go on an exciting snorkeling adventure? The possibilities are limitless – from swimming with manta rays in the Maldives to chilling with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic, you can choose any place you like the most. 

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is the planet’s most extensive reef system. It has 2,900 individual reefs and extending 1400 miles off the Queensland shore. Scientists predict that the reef will be extinct by 2050 due to water warming. So, experience this magnificent beauty before it is too late.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

It was initially established to preserve Komodo Dragons; one cannot ignore the surrounding waters. The reefs are abundant with colorful sea life, including sharks, manta rays, and more than 100 tropical fish species waiting to be explored.

Grenada, Caribbean

The Caribbean Island is famous for its mountains, spices, and scenic cliffs stretching from one end to another. There, you will see the magnificent marine sculpture garden made out of coral-graced cement. Indeed, it sounds like a breathtaking sight.

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Snorkeling – An Elite Activity

Many people book their summertime vacations around beaches. It will only be a matter of time that everyone might get inspiration for this fun yet a healthy activity that snorkeling is. A chance to witness nature firsthand and that too from so close should be the top reason to go snorkeling. In return, you will also get a healthy heart and a fit body.