Track Tech Duramax Head Studs Kit For Chevy / GMC

With the headstocks, you can tighten the loads properly. They turn to boost the attachment’s accuracy in one way. You can also handle heavy-duty vehicles by increasing turbo pressures.

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In TrackTech Class Head Studs at 240,000 PSIs, the most significant traction force is given. A state-of-the-art UTM press tests them, even in a 240k PSI tensile strength laboratory. Further, on the road that drivers take to make TrackTech, a choice that is illustrated by the terms of their ticket for your vehicle. lb7 head studs kits are one of the essential parts of a head stud kit.

Compare ARP head-stud kit with 180,000 to 210,000 psi and twice the cost.

To substitute the head gasket, you will have to check our complete Head Gasket Kit, which contains most of your products in one link below. Make sure you pick the correct year and engine for your submission.

In destructive Tencel Strength.

The power of the traction is measured at 220,000 psi. Threads rolled up during heat treatment for optimum strength of fatigue. Premium testing of quality standards means you have never blown up head gaskets again.

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Broached studs allow the cylinders to be mounted and removed. In the installation manual, drawing diagrams are used for facilitating installation.

Ultra Force

Headstocks are also designed to hold cylinders using today’s high-pressure turbo systems.

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Hardened parallel washers have constant load and accurate torque calculation.

Head of Head Bolt Studies

In any diesel engine, high cylinder pressure is harmful to the head joints. The resulting torque is the factory OEM head bolts that torque the bolt to a specific torque with a 90-degree ultimate rotation, taking the bolts to their maximum extension. Our inspections and repairs on diesel vehicles indicate that you are likely to produce higher cylinder levels lower than your RPM, resulting in a blown-out gasket when added parts increase their capacity (turbocharger, injectors, chips, etc.). Chef clamps are designed not to extend, as opposed to head clamps. Using premium steel alloys (XOTIC 7200), Xotic head stubs are produced that are higher in tensile strength to the bolt. Our strokes are threaded upwards to make the direction of the nozzle more precise. We strongly recommend replacing your head gaskets with fasteners that have an established track record of not stretching, rather than blowing the head gasket again – so that you never need to deal with the complete replacement of another failure.

Your car is worth more.

Xotic Output was developed to fill the void in demand for high-quality automotive components. Too many auto parts shops sell “cheap and cheap” goods worth just scrap. By just providing the highest performance parts, we are going to improve that.


Drawing diagrams contained installation instructions. They use a sealant for lubricating block files for the head bolt (only applies if the cylinder head studs extend into the water jacket). Tight screw strokes (no tool needed) connect the cylindrical head as much as possible by hand.

Using FASTENER ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT for headache lubrication (ensure nuts and washers are lubricated as well). Insert the lubricated dust and wash it on the head bolt as near as possible (no tool necessary).

Restore the cylinder head bolts in 3 steps by the instructions for manual torque. This was the last time after the business. Performance specialists and enthusiasts provide your vehicle with the highest quality alternative parts – you might even say, “we talk about performance.” Their unrivaled dedication to producing only the best products and a close relationship with each of our customers enabled us to create a reputation for industry quality, unlike any other automotive parts store.