Snorkeling Along the East Coast

aerial view of Block Island with Rhode Island Coastline

The East Coast is the seaboard where the Eastern United States meets the North Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the Eastern Seaboard, the Atlantic Coast, or the Atlantic Seaboard. There are 14 states that have a shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean which are Maine, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, … Read more

Snorkeling Along the West Coast

a scenic view of Catalina Island

The West Coast is the seaboard where the mainland Western United States meets the North Pacific Ocean and it is also known as the Pacific Coast. Based on the United States Census groups, there are five states that are in the West Coast which are California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. The … Read more

Do You Need a Wetsuit to Snorkel?

A wetsuit is a garment that is worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, and others engaged in water sports and other activities in or on water. Wet suits are usually made of foamed neoprene and it is used to provide thermal insulation and as well as buoyancy and protection from abrasion, ultraviolet exposure, … Read more

Places to Snorkel in the Great Lakes

cliffs on Lake Superior in Minnesota

The Great Lakes and the Great Lakes of North America are a series of connected freshwater lakes. They are mainly in the upper mid-east region of North America, on the Canada-United States border, connecting to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence River. These Great Lakes include Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, … Read more

The Best Snorkel Equipment Brands

black snorkel equipment by Aqua Lung

Snorkeling is definitely one of the best ways to see the beauty of the underwater world. However, there are times that the quality of your gear or snorkel equipment gets in the way of full enjoyment, especially when you just borrowed them. This is the reason why having your own snorkel equipment … Read more

Best Locations to Snorkel in the Gulf of Mexico

a view of Kings Bay which is the heart and soul of Crystal River

The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean basin and also a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. This gulf is largely surrounded by the United States, Mexico, and Cuba. It is a vast ecosystem that supports marine animals, deep-water fishes, whales, dolphins, sharks, and lots of smaller fish on which they feed. … Read more

Best Sunscreen for Water Sports

Best Sunscreen for Water Sports

Water sports like surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and more are indeed fun. However, it exposes your skin to more direct and indirect sunlight that contains ultraviolet or UV radiation which is the source of sunburn, skin aging, and even skin cancer. Therefore, if you’re into watersports, you need to have … Read more

Equipment You Absolutely Need for Snorkeling

a snorkeling mask on the beach

Snorkeling is one of the greatest experiences that you can have in the water. This activity is not only enjoyed by adults because even kids are mesmerized by the marine life they see just below the surface of the water. But if you have tried snorkeling with borrowed equipment, then you’ve probably … Read more

Guide to Freshwater Snorkeling


A lot of people think that there’s not a lot to see in freshwater streams, lakes, or rivers. And this is because the ocean has dominated our attention when it comes to seeing and admiring the beings that live underwater. But, did you know that there’s a hidden world below the surface … Read more

Guide to Snorkeling in Greece

Guide to Snorkeling in Greece

Snorkeling is a relaxing activity because the warm water and the stunning view of the underwater life can bring excitement and pleasure to almost anyone. The idea of wearing a swimming costume, snorkeling mask, and flippers then diving into the deep blue warm waters attracts millions of people every year. Snorkeling is … Read more