SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel set + Premium Travel Gear Bag ( Transparent/Black, Large/XL Size 8 to 12)


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Top Quality Silicone, Polyurethane, and Rubber

Using hypoallergenic silicone and eco friendly polyurethane, not only are SealBuddy's mask and snorkel comfortable, they will not cause skin irritation allowing for a longer, more pleasurable experience. Fins are made from dual composite high resistance plastic and rubber reinforcing the hardest of thrusts and maximum amount of endurance.

Snorkel Patented Dry Top Ball System

Dry Top snorkels are nothing new, but our Ball System is. Unlike others that have an inconstant flap system to prevent water from entering when submerged, SealBuddy utilizes a different system. Using a floating ball, the system works similar to the flap design, but is much more efficient. The flap design can be compromised depending on movement of the body and current, whereas the floating ball will create a tight 360° seal.

Premium Panoramic Snorkeling Mask

Using four joined windows, enjoy a much larger panoramic viewing scope than regular masks that just use two. Another exclusive feature is the ability to insert myopic and presbyobia glasses for those who need corrective lenses. The easy to adjust pinch buckle makes fitting simple and easy, while the enhanced concave nose piece is designed for ear pressure optimization.

Dual Purpose, Dual Composite Travel Fins

These fins are ideal for traveling; and ideal for training. Using dual composite streamlined blades, they deliver excellent thrust with minimum fatigue. The anatomic fins are also invertible so thrust is minimal, making them excellent for training and working out leg muscles. Open healed for a great fit with a quick adjusting strap system, and a soft, comfortable foot pocket make these ideal for snorkeling, swimming and a variety of water sports.

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