Avoiding Common Mistakes While Snorkeling as a Beginner

A lot of people doing snorkeling which is a mistake

Snorkeling is one of the lifetime experiences that you cannot wait to repeat. The experience can of snorkeling be dangerous, boring, or miserable. Most of the people have a poor experience of snorkeling. It is pretty common because of some mistakes that we do while snorkeling as a beginner. It is because … Read more

Tips for Successful Snorkel Trips

woman snorkeling in the ocean:

Curiosity pushes people to explore unknown fields. Since the Age of Discovery, humans never stop their strides from conquering and discovering the world. For some people, snorkeling is a way to observe and explore the underwater life. Almost everyone has the capacity of snorkeling, even if you don’t know how to swim. … Read more

Best Snorkel Equipment Brands

Having the right snorkeling gear can make a big difference in how much you can enjoy and submerge yourself when you’re exploring the amazing underwater world. And we have to be honest, cheap equipment has mediocre quality, and it always fits poorly, which can equally have a negative effect. It can spoil … Read more

Guide to Bodyboards

Complete Bodyboard

Bodyboarding is one of the fun watersports that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Aside from that, it is also a great way to improve your body’s muscular strength because it involves strong directional paddling. It can also improve your coordination skills because concentration and balance are needed for you to … Read more

Tips for Snorkeling with Children

Going to the beach is one of the best bonding activities the whole family can enjoy. You can go to a swim and build sand castles together. But if you want to do a different activity on your next trip to the beach, your whole family can try snorkeling. It’s a great … Read more

First Time Snorkeling Tips

First Time Snorkeling Tips

First Time Snorkeling Tips Most people are excited and nervous at the same time when it’s their first time to try snorkeling. If it’s your first time to go snorkeling, how do you think would it be like? Do you think you’ll love it and would like to try it again? There … Read more